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  • Checking the Boat 

    Unknown author (1967)
    Before a race the crew and the coach must check the boat to make sure all the nuts are fastened and all the seats and foots stops are in the right place. Here is Tony Biernacki watching over as Brock's first female crew ...
  • The J.A. Gibson Boat 

    Unknown author (1967)
    Caroline Gibson christens the eight crew boat named after her husband James Gibson who was the first president of Brock University. James A. Gibson and the lightweight varsity crew of 1967 look on.
  • "Powder Puffs" Women's Rowing (1967) 

    Unknown author (1967)
    Part of Brock's first ever all female rowing crew.
  • The Ed Mirynech Boat 

    Unknown author (1967)
    Anne Mirynech christening the pair/double (a shell meant for two) named after her husband. James A. Gibson and his wife Caroline look on.
  • Ed Mirynech Boat Christening (1967) 

    Unknown author (1967)
    Anne Mirynech is pictured here christening the "Ed Mirynech", named after her husband who was the rowing moderator and former acting director of athletics.
  • Men's Lightweight Varsity Crew Heading In 

    Unknown author (1968-69)
    The Men's Lightweight varsity crew of 1968-69 coming in from practice.
  • 1969 Women's Rowing Crew 

    Unknown author (1969)
    Pictured here are Tony Biernacki, Mary Cumberland, Gwen Francis, Helen Kukasch, Marcia Gillespie, Bev Pearl, Jeniffer Stephenson, Sandy Allen, Sue Auld, and Lisa Librant (Coxie).
  • Jr Varsity (1970) 

    Unknown author (1970)
    Junior varsity rowing team with coach Tony Biernacki.
  • Putting the Boat in the Water 

    Unknown author (1970-71)
    The Men of the 1970-71 Rowing Team gently sets their boat into the water.
  • Women's Coxed Eight (1970-71) 

    Unknown author (1970-71)
    Women's coxed eight crew with coach Tony Biernacki.
  • Junior Men's Eight Rowing Crew (1970-71) 

    Unknown author (1970-71)
    Rowing down the course.
  • Varsity Men's Coxed Eight (1970-71) 

    Unknown author (1970-71)
    Varsity men's coxed eight crew with coach Tony Biernacki
  • 1971 - 72 Oarsman of the Year 

    Unknown author (1971-72)
    1971 - 72 Oarsman of the year, Dave Freshwater, receives his award from rowing coach Tony Biernacki.
  • Freshman of the year 

    Unknown author (1971-72)
    Brock University rowing team's 1971-72 freshman of the year recipient, Corrie Willekes, receiving his award.
  • 1972 - Junior Varsity Crew - 1974 

    Unknown author (1972)
  • 1972 - 1973 Varsity Rowing Crew 

    Unknown author (1972-73)
    Photograph of the Men's 1972 - 1973 Varsity Crew Ontario University Athletic Association Champions Varsity and Lightweight.
  • Junior Varsity Crew Getting Off the Water 

    Unknown author (1976)
    Brock's Junior Varsity crew of '76 pictured looking appropriately worn out after practice. Their shirts read "Brock Crew '76: Up Y'Oars" Cox: Kari Syri, Stroke: Ed Cooling, Ralph Martens, Paul Kivell, Don Rickers, Sean ...
  • Jr Varsity Women Rowing Post Practice 1976-77 

    Unknown author (1976-77)
    The 1976-77 Jr Varsity Women getting off the water. Pictured here are coxswain Maria Carboni, Jennifer Gayman, Kim Evans, Kim White, Sue Thorpe, Wendy Whitfield, Trudy Campbell, and bowman Helen Petrenal.
  • 1977 Women's Novice Crew 

    Unknown author (1977)
    From left to right. Dave Commerford (Coach), Lori Abernathy, Tina Dubanow, Heather White, Judy Brunskill, Nancy Tuffin (Coxie), Debbie Coughlin, Yvonne Hojow, Sue Pinder, and Heather Moyer
  • 1977 Men's Varsity Crew 

    Unknown author (1977)
    From left to right. Top: Sean Dowd, Dave Muirhead, Mike Thompson, Rick Cicchine, Mark Thomas, John Ahlstedt, Mark Reynolds, Tom Kent, and Tony Biernacki (Coach). Bottom: Bob Nguyen (Coxie).