• Letter - List of Surveying Equipment

      Troughton and Simms (1846-02-23)
      Letter containing a handwritten list of prices for items such as tripods and sockets sent to Mr. S.D. Woodruff from Troughton and Simms of Fleet Street, London, England, Feb.23, 1846.
    • Letter - Order Sent to Troughton and Simms by S.D. Woodruff

      Letter containing an order sent to Troughton and Simms by S.D. Woodruff regarding a level (1 ½ pages). The letter is handwritten in pencil and is quite faded. Mr. Woodruff has illustrated the type of level he requires. The company is directed to send the boxes to Samuel D. Woodruff of St. Catharines, Aug. 22, 1846.
    • Letter - William Young to James Woodruff

      Young, William (1847-02-03)
      Letter to James D. Woodruff at the Welland Canal, St. Catharines. The letter is postmarked Philadelphia [date illegible] and Queenston, Feb. 7, 1847. In this letter William Young of Philadelphia describes some of the prices and features of his wares including compasses and levels, Feb. 3, 1847.
    • Letter to S.D. Woodruff

      Letter which is postmarked Buffalo, April 15 and Queenston, April 15 and is addressed to S.D. Woodruff. This letter instructs Mr. Woodruff to send his fees in care of Thompson and Co. The signature is illegible, April 13, 1846.
    • Printed Blank of Certificate of Goods and Exportation

      Printed blank of certificate of goods and exportation from a district other than the district of original importation from the District of Niagara, Port of Lewiston. The certificate is for 2 boxes containing Gravatt’s level ordered from Troughton and Simms, London and sent to Mr. S.D. Woodruff, Dec. 21, 1846.
    • Receipt to S.D. Woodruff from Harnden Co. Stone for charges on the level

      Receipt to S.D. Woodruff from Harnden Co. Stone for charges on the level, 1846.