• Envelope Addressed to Miss Julia Woodruff

      Envelope addressed to Miss Julia Woodruff of St. Davids. Postmarks include: Suspension Bridge, N.Y., May 20, 1857; Clifton, May 20, 1857 and St. Davids, May 21, 1857.
    • Envelope Addressed to Noah Phelps, Lincoln Paper Mill Co.

      Envelope addressed to Noah Phelps, Lincoln Paper Mill Co. with no postmarks, Merritton [In about 1877 Noah Phelps, Samuel Woodruff, Partrick Joseph Larkin and John Conlon were involved in the founding of a paper mill with Sylvester Neelon], n.d.
    • Envelope sent to Mr. Welland D. Woodruff at Thomas Cooks and Sons, Columbo, Indiana

      Envelope postmarked Indo-Ceylon, special flight X’mas 1936, Bombay, Jan. 1937 and Thomas Cook and Son, Jan. 2, 1937. The letter is addressed to Mr. Welland D. Woodruff at Thomas Cook and Son, Columbo, India. This is crossed out and sent on to Royal Trust Co. 3 St. James St., London, England. This is crossed out and finally sent to the Mayfair Hotel, London, England, 1936-1937.
    • Letter - Crooks, Kingsmith & Cattanach to S.D. Woodruff

      Crooks, Kingsmith & Cattanach (1887-12-07)
      Letter (printed) to S.D. Woodruff from Crooks, Kingsmith and Cattanach regarding lot no. 10 in Willoughby. They are asking for an abstract of the title, July 6, 1883.
    • Letter - D.K. Minor to S.D. Woodruff

      Minor, D.K. (1847-01-18)
      Letter with the letterhead Franklin House, Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. The letter is addressed to S.D. Woodruff. The sender, D.K. Minor is sending nos. 25 and 37 of the volume for 184b of the R.R.J. [Railroad Journal]. He says that he is pleased to see that there is a prospect of an early movement in relation to the Great Western Railroad in Canada. [D. Kimball Minor was the founder of the American Railroad Journal], Jan. 18, 1847.
    • Letter - Ducan W. Farland to Samuel Woodruff

      Farland, Duncan W. (1855-11-26)
      Letter to Samuel Woodruff from Duncan W. Farland regarding a 50 pound distribution. Mr. Farland has placed an order with Mr. Rannie. This letter is slightly torn along the top, Nov. 26, 1855.
    • Letter - Holmes' Burglar Alarm, Telegraph Company to S.D. Woodruff

      Holmes' Burglar Alarm, Telegraph Company (1881-02-08)
      Letter to S.D. Woodruff from the Holmes’ Burglar Alarm, Telegraph Company of New York stating that they will send a Mr. Whittaker over to make repairs or changes. There is a partial envelope included with this letter, Feb. 8, 1881.
    • Letter - Jane Eliot Tait to James D. Tait

      Tait, Jane Eliot (n.d.)
      Letter written to “my dear” [James D. Tait] and it asks the recipient to tell Belle to give back the white tablecloth and napkins, bookcase, chafing dish and other items. The letter is signed “with love, your wife, Jane Eliot [Tait], n.d.
    • Letter - John P. Weston Co., to S.D. Woodruff

      John P. Weston Co. (1901-11-15)
      A letter (printed) from the John P. Weston Co. of Rochester, New York to S.D. Woodruff regarding an Italian marble headstone with Julia Ann Woodruff raised at the top, Nov. 15, 1901.
    • Letter - Neband and Inraham to R. Woodruff

      Neband & Inraham (1843-06-19)
      Letter (2 pages) to Mr. R. [?]Woodruff from Neband and Inraham of Rochester, New York. The letter states that the company cannot furnish the large Italian marble stone for less than $600 and the small one for $350 the freight expenses from Rochester will be added. They would also like Mr. Woodruff to hire a mason to lay the foundation, June 19, 1843.
    • Letter - P. Mason to S.D. Woodruff

      Mason, P. (1880-09-24)
      Letter from P. Mason of Ottawa to S.D. Woodruff stating that a certificate has been issued to pay full compensation for all the damage to lots 20 and 21 in the 5th Concession in Grantham by the overflow of the Welland Canal. A piece has been torn from the top of the letter. This does not affect the text, Sept. 24, 1880.
    • Letter - President's Office of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to Welland D. Woodruff

      Letter from the President’s Office of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah. The letter is addressed to Welland D. Woodruff in response to his request regarding his ancestry. It is confirmed that the family descended through Matthew Woodruff who was the original proprietor of Farmingham Connecticut. The writer says that he has had interviews with several Woodruffs from Chicago and other places. The letter is signed by Wilford Woodruff [4th president of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints from 1889-1898], Dec. 7, 1887.
    • Letter - R. Woodruff to Alexander Hamilton

      Woodruff, R. (1824-12-22)
      Letter to Alexander Hamilton of Queenston from R. Woodruff of St. Davids. The letter states that Mr. Woodruff is not able to send butter as requested. Mr. Hamilton received credit for the butter and Mr. Woodruff cannot say when they will have turkeys. The letter is slightly stained and has a hole in the upper right hand corner. This does not affect the text, Dec. 22, 1824.
    • Letter - R. Woodruff to Alexander Hamilton

      Woodruff, R. (1832-09-18)
      Letter to Alexander Hamilton of Queenston from R. Woodruff stating that Mr. Woodruff is sending 2 letters because he is remitting money and doesn’t want to send the full amount in one letter, Sept. 18, 1832.
    • Letter - Thomas A. Woodruff to "Woodruff"

      Woodruff, Thomas A. (n.d.)
      Letter from Dr. Thomas A. Woodruff of New London Connecticut (2 pages). The salutation on the letter is Dear Woodruff. The letter states that the Lord Mayor of London during the reign of Queen Elizabeth was Sir Frederick Woodruff. His father was the sheriff of London before him. [In 1555 David Woodroffe/Woodruff became the High Sheriff of London. In 1573, his son Nicholas Woodroffe/Woodruff also became High Sheriff. In 1579, the same Nicholas Woodroffe/Woodruff was elected as Lord Mayor of London], n.d.
    • Letter - Thomas Secord to Messrs. Woodruff and Woodruff

      Secord, Thomas (1849-07-31)
      Letter to Messrs. Woodruff and Woodruff of St. Catharines from Thomas Secord of St. Catharines who was applying for the job of a clerk. He states that he would like to make $15 a month plus board, July 31, 1849.
    • Letter from Alex Pettigrew to unknown

      Pettigrew, Alex (?-03-31)
      Letter from Alex Pettigrew asking someone [no indication of who the note is addressed to] to make the deeds out in his wife’s name which is Annie Florence Pettigrew, March 31, n.d.
    • Letter from the Private Secretary of the Government House at York to William Woodruff

      Letter (printed) from the private secretary of the Government House at York to William Woodruff, inviting him to attend a private meeting of the provincial legislature to dispatch public business, Dec. 10, 1828.
    • Letter to Belle

      Letter (4 pages) to Belle asking where Kate Eustice is. The writer claims that life has been a strain lately. Willie’s suffering seems to be the source of this. The reader is asked to tear up the note. The note is signed by Susie, n.d.
    • Letter to David Therburn [Thorburn] from W. Woodruff

      Woodruff, W. (1840-07-29)
      Letter outlining the firsthand account of the Battle of Queenston Heights describing the day that General Brock was killed [a copy of this letter (taken from Mr. Thorburn’s files) has been published in the book The Story of Laura Secord and Canadian Reminiscences by Emma A. Currie and it is also printed in History of the Campaign upon the Niagara Frontier in the year 1812 by Lieutenant Colonel E. Cruikshank] (7 handwritten pages) written by W. Woodruff and addressed to David Therburn [Thorburn] of Queenston. There are 3 handwritten copies of this account. A transcript of this letter has been included in the file, July 29, 1840.