• Letter to the Editor of the Globe

      Letter Regarding the Burning of St. Davids (3 ½ handwritten pages) A letter to the editor of the Globe regarding the lack of historical knowledge displayed by the Globe’s correspondent regarding the descendants of those who fought at Queenston Heights and the burning of St. Davids in 1813 or 1814 [July 18, 1814]. The letter also mentions the “friendly Indians” who encamped in St. Davids. The letter is not signed nor dated. A transcript of the letter is enclosed, [The burning of St. Davids by the American troops on July 19, 1814 was an unjustifiable act. The officer who led the attack was court-martialed and dismissed from the service.] n.d.
    • Postcard Addressed to Mr. Henry Woodruff

      Postcard addressed to Mr. Henry Woodruff of St. Davids regarding 33 bags placed to Mr. Woodruff’s credit. The postcard is signed by John May, Aug. 6, 1883.