• Letter - John P. Weston Co., to S.D. Woodruff

      John P. Weston Co. (1901-11-15)
      A letter (printed) from the John P. Weston Co. of Rochester, New York to S.D. Woodruff regarding an Italian marble headstone with Julia Ann Woodruff raised at the top, Nov. 15, 1901.
    • Letter - Neband and Inraham to R. Woodruff

      Neband & Inraham (1843-06-19)
      Letter (2 pages) to Mr. R. [?]Woodruff from Neband and Inraham of Rochester, New York. The letter states that the company cannot furnish the large Italian marble stone for less than $600 and the small one for $350 the freight expenses from Rochester will be added. They would also like Mr. Woodruff to hire a mason to lay the foundation, June 19, 1843.