Recent Submissions

  • Envelope sent to Mr. Welland D. Woodruff at Thomas Cooks and Sons, Columbo, Indiana 

    Unknown author (1937)
    Envelope postmarked Indo-Ceylon, special flight X’mas 1936, Bombay, Jan. 1937 and Thomas Cook and Son, Jan. 2, 1937. The letter is addressed to Mr. Welland D. Woodruff at Thomas Cook and Son, Columbo, India. This is ...
  • Mailing Label to Mrs. P.C. Band from Rogers' Chocolates 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    Mailing label to Mrs. P.C. Band of Toronto, Ont. from Rogers’ Chocolates of Victoria, British Columbia, n.d.
  • Postcard Addressed to Mr. H.K. Woodruff 

    Unknown author (1887-01-11)
    Postcard addressed to Mr. H.K. Woodruff of St. Catharines regarding monies received from the late Sheriff Woodruff. This is signed by Richard Clark, clerk, Jan. 11, 1887.
  • Postcard Addressed to Mr. Henry Woodruff 

    Unknown author (1883-08-06)
    Postcard addressed to Mr. Henry Woodruff of St. Davids regarding 33 bags placed to Mr. Woodruff’s credit. The postcard is signed by John May, Aug. 6, 1883.
  • Envelope Addressed to Noah Phelps, Lincoln Paper Mill Co. 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    Envelope addressed to Noah Phelps, Lincoln Paper Mill Co. with no postmarks, Merritton [In about 1877 Noah Phelps, Samuel Woodruff, Partrick Joseph Larkin and John Conlon were involved in the founding of a paper mill ...
  • Envelope Addressed to Miss Julia Woodruff 

    Unknown author (1857-05)
    Envelope addressed to Miss Julia Woodruff of St. Davids. Postmarks include: Suspension Bridge, N.Y., May 20, 1857; Clifton, May 20, 1857 and St. Davids, May 21, 1857.
  • Printed Blank Regarding the Insolvent Act of 1864 from James McWhirter to S.D. Woodruff 

    McWhirter, James (1866-09-20)
    Printed blank regarding the Insolvent Act of 1864, this was sent to S. D. Woodruff in the matter of William Little, an insolvent. There was to be a meeting on the 10th day of October for public examination of the insolvent. ...
  • Printed Blank from James McWhirter to S.D. Woodruff 

    McWhirter, James (1866-09-20)
    Printed blank from James McWhirter of Woodstock, official assignee, addressed to S.D. Woodruff in regard to the Oct. 10th meeting regarding William Little, an insolvent. This document is slightly stained. This does not ...
  • Printed Blank Sent to Messrs. Woodruff 

    Unknown author (1849-10-09)
    Printed blank sent to Messrs. Woodruff and Woodruff from the Syracuse and Oswego Line Lake Boats saying that the tea and tobacco have been sent from New York to St. Catharines by schooner, Oct. 9, 1849.
  • Letter to the Editor of the Globe 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    Letter Regarding the Burning of St. Davids (3 ½ handwritten pages) A letter to the editor of the Globe regarding the lack of historical knowledge displayed by the Globe’s correspondent regarding the descendants of those ...
  • Letter to David Therburn [Thorburn] from W. Woodruff 

    Woodruff, W. (1840-07-29)
    Letter outlining the firsthand account of the Battle of Queenston Heights describing the day that General Brock was killed [a copy of this letter (taken from Mr. Thorburn’s files) has been published in the book The Story ...
  • Letter - Thomas A. Woodruff to "Woodruff" 

    Woodruff, Thomas A. (n.d.)
    Letter from Dr. Thomas A. Woodruff of New London Connecticut (2 pages). The salutation on the letter is Dear Woodruff. The letter states that the Lord Mayor of London during the reign of Queen Elizabeth was Sir Frederick ...
  • Letter to Isabel from D. Park 

    Park, D. (n.d.)
    Letter to Isabel saying that she can use anything which is said to belong to D. Park, who will arrive “next Thursday” and will be pleased to meet her friends. It is signed by D. Park. The letter has a few small holes in ...
  • Letter - Jane Eliot Tait to James D. Tait 

    Tait, Jane Eliot (n.d.)
    Letter written to “my dear” [James D. Tait] and it asks the recipient to tell Belle to give back the white tablecloth and napkins, bookcase, chafing dish and other items. The letter is signed “with love, your wife, Jane ...
  • Letter to Belle 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    Letter (4 pages) to Belle asking where Kate Eustice is. The writer claims that life has been a strain lately. Willie’s suffering seems to be the source of this. The reader is asked to tear up the note. The note is signed ...
  • Letter from Alex Pettigrew to unknown 

    Pettigrew, Alex (?-03-31)
    Letter from Alex Pettigrew asking someone [no indication of who the note is addressed to] to make the deeds out in his wife’s name which is Annie Florence Pettigrew, March 31, n.d.
  • Letter - John P. Weston Co., to S.D. Woodruff 

    John P. Weston Co. (1901-11-15)
    A letter (printed) from the John P. Weston Co. of Rochester, New York to S.D. Woodruff regarding an Italian marble headstone with Julia Ann Woodruff raised at the top, Nov. 15, 1901.
  • Letter - President's Office of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to Welland D. Woodruff 

    Unknown author (1887-12-07)
    Letter from the President’s Office of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah. The letter is addressed to Welland D. Woodruff in response to his request regarding his ancestry. It is confirmed ...
  • Letter - Crooks, Kingsmith & Cattanach to S.D. Woodruff 

    Crooks, Kingsmith & Cattanach (1887-12-07)
    Letter (printed) to S.D. Woodruff from Crooks, Kingsmith and Cattanach regarding lot no. 10 in Willoughby. They are asking for an abstract of the title, July 6, 1883.
  • Letter to “all men” in a declaration by Samuel D. Woodruff 

    Woodruff, Samuel D. (1883-07-01)
    Letter to “all men” in a declaration by Samuel D. Woodruff of St. Catharines that he received money from the Canada Southern Railway Line for Lot no.10 in Willoughby, July 1, 1883.

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