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  • Receipts to S.D. Woodruff from T. Healy 

    Unknown author (1876-07-01)
    Receipt to S.D. Woodruff from T. Healy of St. Catharines for boots and shoes, July 1, 1876.
  • Report on Water Supply for Town of St. Catharines 

    Monro, Thomas (1875-06-10)
    Report (20 page booklet) on a water supply for the town of St. Catharines by Thomas Monro, civil engineer. This is addressed to Lucious S. Oille, M.D., chairman of the Water Committee of St. Catharines, June 10, 1875.
  • Roll Call for Fires and Alarms for Citizens' Hose Company No. 1 

    Unknown author (1883)
    Roll call for fires and alarms for Citizens’ Hose Company No. 1. (1 double sided printed page). H.K. Woodruff is listed as a member, 1883.
  • Sale of Land for Taxes to W.H. Dickson 

    Unknown author (1861-12-03)
    Notice of sale of land for taxes to W. H. Dickson. This is a handwritten document. The land consists of 4 acres of Lot no. 12 in the 5th Concession of Wainfleet. This is dated May 23, 1857 [signatures are illegible]. On ...
  • Sketch of Canal Lock 2 

    Woodruff, S.D. (n.d.)
    Sketch of canal lock 2 by S.D. Woodruff. This is a hand drawn sketch, n.d.
  • Sketch of John Gibson Brick Building 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    Sketch of John Gibson brick building and adjoining lots. This is a hand drawn sketch, n.d.
  • Special Orders No. 18 of the Office U.S. Army Hospital, Camp Parole 

    Unknown author (1865-03-14)
    Special Orders No. 18 of the Office U.S. Army Hospital, Camp Parole, near Annapolis, MD., March 14, 1865 to W.K. Cleveland assigning him to duty as pathologist and consulting surgeon for the hospital. This is signed by ...
  • Statement of Cash Account at the Royal Trust Company 

    Unknown author (1959-10-01)
    Statement of cash account at the Royal Trust Company, Toronto regarding the estate of Hamilton K. Woodruff consolidated trust and capital account estates, Oct. 1, 1959.
  • Statement of John O'Connor Damaged Wheat Crop 

    Unknown author (1835-08)
    Statement (handwritten, 3 pages) in which John O’Connor states that his wheat crop of 1834 was damaged. A fence was also down which resulted in his wheat crop being destroyed by cattle and pigs. The defendants had to pay ...
  • Statement of Mrs. H.K. Woodruff regarding Woodruff and Mutual Life 

    Unknown author (1900)
    Statement of Mrs. H.K. Woodruff regarding Woodruff and Mutual Life. This is a 3 page typed, unsigned statement regarding Hamilton K. Woodruff and his state of mind prior to his death, n.d.
  • Sweeps Tickets 

    Unknown author (1940)
    Sweeps tickets including: an envelope that says “sweep tickets from Miss Hillman which contains a Toronto Dominion Bank envelope containing 1 Hospitals’ Trust (1940) Dublin ticket; A Toronto Dominion Bank piece of ...
  • Three Wax Seals 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    3 Wax seals including: 1 seal of the Woodruff crest and 2 seals of fide et fortitude (faith and fortitude), n.d.
  • Two Lists Willed Items 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    Two lists (4 pages, handwritten) listing items which were willed to Carrie, Willie, Belle, Phil, Aurora and Samuel [it is not clear who has made up these lists], n.d.
  • Upper Canada Warrant of Appraisement 

    Unknown author (1801-06-15)
    Upper Canada warrant of appraisement: warrant of the Surrogate of the District of Niagara to Isaac Hurst, George Bradshaw and Bernard Frey to appraise the goods and chattels of James Fields Deacon. This item is torn and ...
  • Valentine Card 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    Valentine card (unsigned) in an envelope addressed to William K. Cleavland, n.d.
  • Various Cards 

    Unknown author (1900)
    1. Invitation and program to the Merritton Hose Co. No. 1 Grand Masquerade Ball and Supper. The invitation is for Mrs. J. Wilson. Ladies are by invitation only. Ladies without masks are charged 10 cents. The supper was ...
  • Various Cards 

    Unknown author (1854)
    1. Notice of a testimonial to Samuel Zimmerman to be held at Moffatt’s Hotel, Niagara Falls on Feb. 13th 1854. Members of the committee were Walter H. Dickson, Daniel McDougal, William Kingsmill and Joseph A. Woodruff, ...
  • Various Cards 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    1. Business card of Nouveautes of Delaware Ave., Buffalo, N.Y., n.d. 2. Calling card for Mrs. Hamilton Cassels Jr., n.d. 3. 3 Calling cards for Mrs. Hamilton K. Woodruff, n.d. 4. Calling card for Miss Margaret J. ...
  • Various Cards 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    1. Calling card for Mrs. Percy Carruthers Band, n.d. 2. 2 calling cards for Mrs. Charles H. French, n.d. 3. 14 calling cards for Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. French, n.d.
  • Various Clippings and Notes 

    Unknown author (1936)
    Various clippings and notes which were found tucked within the pages of the Woodruff books including: Ezekiel Woodruff’s birth date written on an envelope, a recipe for a rose jar, a note regarding Donald Fraser, an ...