• Team Coaches

      A seated Ed Davis points out to (form left to right) Dr. Gunther Doeker, Fencing Coach; Mr. Les Korchok, Basketball Coach; Prof. A. G. Lowenberger, Director of Physical Education and Recreation; Mr. Tony Biernacki, Rowing Coach; Dr. E. Mirynech, Faculty Advisor; and Dr. Cam Lewis, Curling Coach when Brock will open its 1967-68 Ontario Intercollegiate hockey season.
    • 1969-70 Brock Generals Hockey Team

      1969-71 Brock Generals Hockey team. Members from left to right - Back row: Tom Kearney (Trainer), Al Kellogg (Coach), John Hull, Craig Morrison, Gregg Law, Frank Mucci, Dale Andreas, Eric Stevens, Serge Girrard, John Clarey, Wayne Kenyon, Reg Egilsson, Dusty Papke, Randy Oiling (Manager). Front row: Ron Powel, Barry Hopkins, Bruce Wormald, Miller Hicks, Fred Carter, Mike Nicholson, Dick Overholt, Chris Shott. Missing: John O'Brien, Barry Elliot.
    • 1970-71 Brock Generals Hockey Team

      1970-71 Brock Generals Hockey team. The members from left to right - Back row: Tom Kearney (trainer), Joel Finlay, Tony Grey, Gregg Carrigan, Craig Morrison, Pat Moroney, Rick Charron, Jim Swain, Bill Fuller, Barry Hopkins, Mike McNiven, Rick Sullivan, Ed Barszcz, Phil McCann, Randy Oiling (Manager), Al Kellogg (Coach). Front row: Wayne Butt, Ron Powell, Tim Goodman, Pat McCann, Arkell Farr, Dave Perrin, Gregg Law. Missing: Jeff Della Vedova.
    • Part of the 1970-71 Hockey Team

      Likely a photo of Rick Charron, Wayne Butt, and Mike McNiven. (From Left to Right) circa 1971
    • Part of the 1970-71 Hockey Team

      Photo of members of the Brock University Hockey Team including, from left to right, Jim Swain, Tony Grey, Ron Powell, Barry Hopkins, Greg Law and Joel Finlay circa 1971.
    • Part of the 1970-71 Hockey Team

      Likely a photo of Rick Sullivan and Phil McCann. The man on the left remains unknown.
    • Trainer, Coach, Player, and Manager

      Likely a picture of Tom Kearney (Trainer), Al Kellogg (Coach), Eric Stevens (Player), and Randy Olling (Manager) circa 1971.
    • Brock Hockey Team (1981-82)

      Back Row: Paul Jackson (Asst. Coach), Paul DeGagne (Manager), Angelo Pontello, Yvan Prevost, Greg Foy, Ken Murray, Steve Ashfield, Rick Berard, Andy MacMillan, Kelly Toppazzini, Carl Van Bolderen, John Dakin, Loran Prentice, Joe Kenny (Trainer), Ron Anderson (Coach) Front Row: Logan Trafford, Mark Warren, Pat Gallagher, Phil Powers, Daryl Clancy, Ted Sawicki, Gord Christie, John Hogg, Brian Onifrichuk, Doug Riopelle, Shawn Barry Absent: Paul Hanley, Brad MacMillan, Rico Schirru, Mike Quinn (Asst. Coach)
    • Brock vs U of T (1989)

      2nd Period: Brock's #8 prepares for shot at University of Toronto's goalie.
    • Hockey Group Photograph

      circa 1960
      A photograph of several in hockey gear circa mid 1960.
    • Dr. James A. Gibson Drops the Puck for Brock VS. York

      circa 1969
      Dr. James A. Gibson drops the puck in Brock's first intercollegiate hockey game which pits Brock University against York. circa 1969.
    • Cheer Banner

      A cheer banner that reads "B...Rock this Rink".
    • Post Game Locker room Decompression

      Hockey players relaxing in locker room after game.
    • Brock Taking Shot on University of Toronto

      Brock hockey player is taking a shot on the University of Toronto team goaltender.
    • Brock vs RMC

      There is a shot on net and the RMC goaltender is on the ground. There are players from both teams circling the net.
    • Intermural Hockey

      Shots are being taken on the goalie.
    • Brock scores on Windsor

      A Brock Badger celebrates as they score a goal against Windsor.
    • Lorne Adams

      Lorne Adams came to Brock University in 1974 as a young faculty member and aspiring coach. Here he is standing a row above the players of the Brock hockey team.
    • Stopping the Shot

      The Brock Goaltender stops a shot.
    • Brock Badger Jersey

      A close-up photograph of a Brock Badgers Hockey jersey.