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Recent Submissions

  • Protect yourself from Predatory Publishers: Tips for staying safe in Scholarly Publishing

    Yates, Elizabeth; Gibson, Ian (2015-04-14)
    Scholarly publishing is a chaotic business with new journals constantly emerging and longstanding publications changing or folding. With some newer publications adopting less-than-desirable business practices, it can be challenging to make wise publishing decisions. This hands-on workshop will explore tools to help you avoid predatory publishers and select journals that will enhance your work.
  • Canada’s new Open Access Policy: what does it mean for Brock researchers?

    Yates, Elizabeth; Ribaric, Tim (2015-04-14)
    Canada’s new Tri-Agency Open Access Policy signals that Canada is embracing open research as a default position. While only funding recipients will be required to comply with the policy by making their journal articles Open Access, the policy stresses that all Canadian researchers are encouraged to follow suit. Attend this session to learn more about the policy regulations and how the Library can support Open Access to Brock research.