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  • Imported Brandy Labels 

    Unknown author (1900)
    A selection of Brandy labels all imported by the Liquor Control Boards. One is an import from Portugal for the Liquor Control Board of British Columbia, the other imports are for the Liquor Control Board of Ontario and ...
  • Canadian Beer Labels 

    Unknown author ()
    An assortment of Canadian beer labels.
  • Apricot-Liqueur Label 

    Unknown author ()
    A label from a bottle of Apricot-Liqueur by Berry Bros. & Rudd Ltd., 3 James's Street, London, S.W. The label also states "by appointment" and "wine merchants to H.M. the Queen".
  • Liquor License - Montreal, 1805 

    Unknown author (1805-07-13)
    A license to sell liquor in Montreal in the year 1805. The license is for Jean Baptiste Bureau and is signed by Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Lower-Canada, Robert S. Milnes.
  • License to Sell Distilled Spirits, 1796 

    Unknown author (1796-01-19)
    A licence to sell foreign distilled spirits in the Town of Westfield in the County of Hampshire in the District of Massachusetts. The license is for Francis Flower to sell spirits from his store. The documents is signed ...
  • Indignation Meeting 

    Unknown author (1888-07-16)
    A handout that reads: "Indignation Meeting. A Meeting will be held in the Orange Hall tomorrow evening Tuesday, July 17th at 8 o'clock, p.m. To protest against the late mean and despicable action taken by the Police in ...
  • Pamphlet: "Some Canadians are Wondering Just What Is Being 'Controlled'" 

    Buffalo Citizens' Committee ()
    A pamphlet by the Buffalo Citizens' Committee of 10,000 for Law Enforcement that questions "what is being 'controlled" in Canada by Government Liquor Control. The pamphlet includes statistics which they report are from ...
  • Wine for Sale at Garraway's Coffee-House in Cornhill 

    Unknown author (1751-05)
    A list of wines for sale "by the candle at Garraway's Coffee-house in Exchange Alley, Cornhill..." six pages in length. The list begins with four conditions of sale and then lists types of wines, lot numbers and how many ...
  • James & Geroge Stodart Limited Announce Stodart's Canadian Agency 

    Unknown author ()
    An announcement "inaugurating direct sales and Canadian shipments from our home distilleries James & George Stodart Established 1835, 80 West Nile St., Glasgow, Scotland, beg to announce appointment of Stodart's Canadian ...
  • Industrial Alcohol: Synopsis of Rules & Regulations of the Dominion & Provincial Governments of Canada 

    Canadian Industrial Alcohol Company Limited (1926)
    A booklet of rules and regulations for industrial alcohol. A portion of the preparatory note reads: "We endeavoured to bring together in this booklet as much information as possible regarding the Dominion and Provincial ...
  • Gauging Manual, 1790 

    Unknown author (1790)
    A manual describing "gauging" and the mathematical equations involved. The manual begins "Gauging Continud. To Gauge a Spheroid". The manual is detailed with diagrams and illustrations.
  • Canada PostCard, 1930 

    Unknown author (1930-08-22)
    A postcard from Montreal, Quebec postmarked 22 August 1930. The front of the postcard is an illustration of a male on the ground drinking out of several alcohol bottles with a sign marked "Canada". The caption reads "This ...
  • Canada Postcard 

    Unknown author ()
    A postcard with an illustration of a male drinking beer with several other types of alcohol surrounding him and the caption reads "The best Place in the World" referring to Canada. The United States is below the man and ...
  • David Nicholson's Liquid Bread Advertisement 

    Stahl & Jaeger ()
    An advertisement for David Nicholson's Liquid Bread "a pure extract of Malt". The reverse of the advertisement describes the uses for liquid, " unsurpassed tonic; a promoter of appetite, a source of muscular strength, ...
  • Plymouth Gin Advertisement 

    Unknown author ()
    An advertisement for Plymouth Gin, it reads "Plymouth Gin. Double distilled, unsweetened; a delicious compromise between Holland and Old Tom. Unsurpassed for Cocktail, Phiz, Silver Phiz, or John Collins. Combines well ...
  • Act for Laying a Duty on the Retailers of Spirits and Liquors 

    Unknown author (1736)
    An act to charge duty to retailers of liquor and for licensing retailers of liquor. The document beings "At the Parliament begun and holden at Westminster, the Fourteenth Day of January, Anno Dom. 1734 in the Eighth Year ...
  • Bill of Lading from Oporto, Portugal, 1906 

    Unknown author (1906)
    A bill of lading for the UK shipping company Ellerman Lines. The cargo on board is "Four Quarter Casks Red Port Wine" in Oporto, Portugal and bound for Liverpool, England. The document is dated 1 August 1906.
  • Compendium of Festive and Seasonable Stingo Recipes 

    Unknown author (1947)
    A recipe booklet with the full title "Compendium of Festive and Seasonable Stingo recipes for the Delectation of the Nobility and Gentry, our esteemed Patrons". The inside sentiment reads "Presented to you with Good wishes ...
  • Sloppy Joe's Bar, Season 1933 

    Unknown author (1933)
    A drink manual for the establishment Sloppy Joe's Bar in Havana, Cuba. The manual is pocket size and contains 40 pages of drink recipes. The first few pages describe the bar in Havana, Cuba along with a brief biography ...
  • Intemperance at Meredith Bridge, 1836 

    Unknown author (1836)
    A document titled "Plain Facts, In relation to the state of intemperance at Meredith Bridge, ascertained by a committee recently appointed for that purpose". The introduction to the document reads: "The whole population ...