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  • Act for Laying a Duty on the Retailers of Spirits and Liquors 

    Unknown author (1736)
    An act to charge duty to retailers of liquor and for licensing retailers of liquor. The document beings "At the Parliament begun and holden at Westminster, the Fourteenth Day of January, Anno Dom. 1734 in the Eighth Year ...
  • Act of Parliament Preventing Private Distillation, Scotland, 1824 

    Unknown author (George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, 1824)
    The Act begins: "An Act to continue, until the Tenth Day of November One thousand eight hundred and twenty-six, certain Parts of an Act of the Third Year of His present Majesty, among other Things for the preventing private ...
  • An Act to Lay and Collect a Duty Upon Stills 

    Unknown author (1794)
    An act "to Lay and Collect a Duty Upon Stills" for the Laws of the Province of Upper Canada, A.D. 1794.
  • Alberta Price List No. 3., January 1st, 1925 

    Alberta Liquor Control Board (1925-01-01)
    A price list form for the Alberta Liquor Control Board from 1 January 1925. The price list includes "General Information" in regards to permits for individuals and special permits. The alcohol is then listed by category ...
  • Apricot-Liqueur Label 

    Unknown author ()
    A label from a bottle of Apricot-Liqueur by Berry Bros. & Rudd Ltd., 3 James's Street, London, S.W. The label also states "by appointment" and "wine merchants to H.M. the Queen".
  • Article - Chardonnay 

    Olmo, Harold P. (Wine Advisory Board, San Francisco, California, U.S.A., 1971)
    An article published by the Wine Advisory Board in California, that discusses the history, culture and process of making Chardonnay.
  • Atlas de France Vinicole, 1946 

    Larmat, Louis (1946)
    An atlas of wines of France from a series. This particular Atlas is from the year 1946 and includes photographs, maps and descriptions. The descriptions are in French, English and Italian.
  • Bill of Lading from Oporto, Portugal, 1906 

    Unknown author (1906)
    A bill of lading for the UK shipping company Ellerman Lines. The cargo on board is "Four Quarter Casks Red Port Wine" in Oporto, Portugal and bound for Liverpool, England. The document is dated 1 August 1906.
  • The "Bodega" Company Price List 

    Unknown author ()
    A price list for The "Bodega" Company Limited. The company has branches throughout the United Kingdom, including: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Brighton, and Ryde. The final pages ...
  • Buffalo Liquor Store 

    Unknown author (1900-1920)
    A photograph of two men standing behind the counter of a liquor store. The reverse of the photo has a handwritten description that reads "Buffalo Liquor Store 1900-1920".
  • Bulloch, Lade & Co. Order Form, 31 August 1870 

    Unknown author (1870-08-31)
    An order form for the exportation of scotch pure malt whiskies, distilled by Bulloch, Lade & Co.
  • Canada Postcard 

    Unknown author ()
    A postcard with an illustration of a male drinking beer with several other types of alcohol surrounding him and the caption reads "The best Place in the World" referring to Canada. The United States is below the man and ...
  • Canada PostCard, 1930 

    Unknown author (1930-08-22)
    A postcard from Montreal, Quebec postmarked 22 August 1930. The front of the postcard is an illustration of a male on the ground drinking out of several alcohol bottles with a sign marked "Canada". The caption reads "This ...
  • Canadian Advertising Requirements and Restrictions, by Province for the Distilled Spirits Industry as of September 23, 1976 

    Grey Advertising Ltd. (1976)
    A document outlining the rules and regulations for advertising liquor in Canada. The document is sorted by province and outlines the details for advertising, when allowed, in each province. The description of the contents ...
  • Canadian Beer Labels 

    Unknown author ()
    An assortment of Canadian beer labels.
  • Central Europe Labels 

    Unknown author ()
    A selection of European alcohol labels, including: Grandezza Dansk Frugivinsfabrikat, Max and Moritz Perlwein, Gumpoldskirchner Konigswein Neuburger, Jisenski Biser.
  • Compendium of Festive and Seasonable Stingo Recipes 

    Unknown author (1947)
    A recipe booklet with the full title "Compendium of Festive and Seasonable Stingo recipes for the Delectation of the Nobility and Gentry, our esteemed Patrons". The inside sentiment reads "Presented to you with Good wishes ...
  • David Nicholson's Liquid Bread Advertisement 

    Stahl & Jaeger ()
    An advertisement for David Nicholson's Liquid Bread "a pure extract of Malt". The reverse of the advertisement describes the uses for liquid, " unsurpassed tonic; a promoter of appetite, a source of muscular strength, ...
  • Duty Distillery Act - Canada, 1844 

    Unknown author (1844)
    The act begins: "An act to amend the laws now in force imposing a Duty upon Distilleries in any part of the Province of Canada".