• Forty-Fourth Report of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario - April 1st, 1969 to March 31st, 1970

      Liquor Control Board of Ontario (1970)
      A report for 1 April 1969 to 31 March 1970 by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario. The report consists of following: Sales, Winers, Personnel, Stores, Permits, and Financial Statements.
    • General Price List, Ontario, 1 January 1924

      Ontario Government Dispensaries; Board of License Commissioners for Ontario (1924-01-01)
      A general price list from the year 1924 for the province of Ontario. The cover of the list reads: "Ontario Government Dispensaries Conducted Under Direction of Board of License Commissioners for Ontario By Authority of The Ontario Temperance Act. General Price List, Dispensaries sell liquor for medicinal, sacramental, scientific and manufacturing purposes only. The sale of liquor for beverage purposes in the Province of Ontario is prohibited by The Ontario Temperance Act. Dispensaries: No.1-154 Wellington Street West, Toronto; No.2-1271 Dundas Street West, Toronto; No.3-29 Charles Street, Hamilton; No.4-425 Talbot Street, London; No.5-30 Sandwich Street West, Windsor; No.6-Golden Lion Block, Kingston; No.7-92 Kent Street, Ottawa; No.8-109 Simpson Street, Fort William."