• Canadian Beer Labels

      An assortment of Canadian beer labels.
    • The Making of Corks - Slides

      A selection of slides displaying the process of cork making. There are seven slides displayed, but the collection is forty three in total.
    • Apricot-Liqueur Label

      A label from a bottle of Apricot-Liqueur by Berry Bros. & Rudd Ltd., 3 James's Street, London, S.W. The label also states "by appointment" and "wine merchants to H.M. the Queen".
    • David Nicholson's Liquid Bread Advertisement

      Stahl & Jaeger
      An advertisement for David Nicholson's Liquid Bread "a pure extract of Malt". The reverse of the advertisement describes the uses for liquid, "...an unsurpassed tonic; a promoter of appetite, a source of muscular strength, an augmenter of nervous energy and a fat-producing hydro-carbon."
    • Canada Postcard

      A postcard with an illustration of a male drinking beer with several other types of alcohol surrounding him and the caption reads "The best Place in the World" referring to Canada. The United States is below the man and is described as "very dry".
    • Temperance Poster - Teen Age Turnout

      Ontario Temperance Federation
      A poster for two days of events in Lindsay, Ontario. The poster is by the Ontario Temperance Federation and offers a "Teen Age Turnout" on Saturday November 14th and an assembly on Sunday November 15th featuring Dr. Wm. Seath "direct from 20 yrs. on Chicago's infamous 'Skid Row'".
    • Temperance Poster - "Teen-Age Turn-Out" Cornwall, Ontario

      Ontario Temperance Federation
      A poster produced by "A Provincial Educational Project of the Ontario Temperance Federation" for an event called "Teen-Age Turn-Out". The event is to take place at Cornwall Armouries.
    • Central Europe Labels

      A selection of European alcohol labels, including: Grandezza Dansk Frugivinsfabrikat, Max and Moritz Perlwein, Gumpoldskirchner Konigswein Neuburger, Jisenski Biser.
    • Sir Robert Burnett Labels

      A collection of Sir Robert Burnett labels. The company was established in England in 1770, but these labels read "Distilled and Bottled according to the Original Formula of Sir Robert Burnett Co., Ltd. London W.I., England by The Sir Robert Burnett Co. A Division of Distillers Corporation Ltd. Montreal, Canada".
    • The "Bodega" Company Price List

      A price list for The "Bodega" Company Limited. The company has branches throughout the United Kingdom, including: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Brighton, and Ryde. The final pages of the price list also include a reprinted article from "The Irish Times" concerning a case against the use of the Bodega Company name.
    • Plymouth Gin Advertisement

      An advertisement for Plymouth Gin, it reads "Plymouth Gin. Double distilled, unsweetened; a delicious compromise between Holland and Old Tom. Unsurpassed for Cocktail, Phiz, Silver Phiz, or John Collins. Combines well with Soda and Lemon Peel. Adopted in the principal Clubs and Restaurants, with steadily increasing popularity. Recognized as invaluable medicinally. DuVivier & Co., Sole Agents. 22 Warren Street, New York. 7 Sibley Warehouses, Chicago." The image on the reverse is of a friar holding a glass surrounded by barrels and crates all labelled with company names.
    • James & Geroge Stodart Limited Announce Stodart's Canadian Agency

      An announcement "inaugurating direct sales and Canadian shipments from our home distilleries James & George Stodart Established 1835, 80 West Nile St., Glasgow, Scotland, beg to announce appointment of Stodart's Canadian Agency Limited". Included in the brochure are prices, brands, guarantees and order information.
    • Gooderham's Labels

      A collection of Gooderham's labels that include: Bonded Stock Canadian Whisky, London Dry Gin, Big Brown Jug Canadian Rye Whiskey, and Rich and Rare Canadian Whiskey. The labels indicate the distillery was established in 1832, Toronto, and is Canada's first.
    • Pamphlet: "Some Canadians are Wondering Just What Is Being 'Controlled'"

      Buffalo Citizens' Committee
      A pamphlet by the Buffalo Citizens' Committee of 10,000 for Law Enforcement that questions "what is being 'controlled" in Canada by Government Liquor Control. The pamphlet includes statistics which they report are from provincial liquor boards across Canada.
    • Hiram Walker Labels

      Six labels from the Hiram Walker Company, established 1858. The labels are from Gold Crest Canadian Whiskey, Crystal London Dry Gin, Peppermint Schnapps Liqueur, Creme de Menthe, Crystal Vodka Distilled, and Canadian Club Canadian Whiskey.
    • Temperance Poster - Alcohol Education Week

      Ontario Temperance Federation
      A poster advertising "Alcohol Education Week...in Galt, Preston, Hespeler Schools, Churches, Service Clubs, Industry. A Community Study of Alcohol Problems". In the top right corner is a picture of an individual, W. Gray Rivers, Field Secretary of O.T.F. in Charge for the Ontario Temperance Federation.
    • Act for Laying a Duty on the Retailers of Spirits and Liquors

      An act to charge duty to retailers of liquor and for licensing retailers of liquor. The document beings "At the Parliament begun and holden at Westminster, the Fourteenth Day of January, Anno Dom. 1734 in the Eighth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Kind, Defender of the Faith, And from thence continued by federal Prorogation to the Fifteenth Day of January, 1735. being the Second Session of this present Parliament."
    • Wine for Sale at Garraway's Coffee-House in Cornhill

      A list of wines for sale "by the candle at Garraway's Coffee-house in Exchange Alley, Cornhill..." six pages in length. The list begins with four conditions of sale and then lists types of wines, lot numbers and how many dozen are available. The wines available are: Excellent Old Hock, Old Hock, Rich Hungarian White Wine, Hungarian White Wine, Curious French Claret, White Perfian Wine, and Curious Rich Perfian Red Wine. The broker listed on the final page is Peter Fearon.
    • Gauging Manual, 1790

      A manual describing "gauging" and the mathematical equations involved. The manual begins "Gauging Continud. To Gauge a Spheroid". The manual is detailed with diagrams and illustrations.