• Photograph - Dorothy Rungeling's Third Airplane

      A photograph of Dorothy Rungeling's third airplane, a 1955 Cessna 170, 4 seat, 145 Continental engine. In this photograph, Mrs. Rungeling is standing in front of the airplane.
    • Results for 1953 Women's International Air Race

      A result list for the 1953 All Women's International Air Race. The list has four columns: Name, Plane Flown, Hand mph. and Time made plus or minus - plus is less than hand minus more than hand. At the end of the result list of 17 pilots is a note that reads "Catherine Benner did not finish race".
    • Sailing Journal, 1966-1968

      Rungeling, Dorothy (1966)
      Dorothy Rungeling's sailing journal which covers from 1966 to 1968 with outlines of the daily activities. The journal also includes Trip expenses and meal options.
    • Third Annual All-Women's International Air Race Flight Log, 1951

      Rungeling, Dorothy (1951)
      A chart of Dorothy Rungeling's flight landings and departures during the Third Annual All-Women's International Air Race in 1951.
    • Welland Air Show Flyer

      A flyer for the 1952 Air Show at the Welland Airport. The Welland Airport is to be the final arrival point for the All Women International Air Race the date of 5 July 1952.