• Commemorative Stamp 2010

      Canada Post (2010)
      A commemorative stamp produced by Canada Post in 2010 in honour of Dorothy Rungeling, "Canada's 1st Woman to Solo a Helicopter".
    • The Confederate Air Corps Certificate, 1958

      The Confederate Air Corps (1958-07-07)
      A certificate from The Confederate Air Corps that reads, "To all who shall see these presents, greeting: Know yes, that in recognition of his having manifested an unusually high regard for black-eyed peas, turnip greens, hog jowl, sow belly, pot likkers, grits, chittlins, and good old corn squeezins, Dorothy Rungeling is, as of this date, hereby appointed to the rank of Colonel in the Confederate Air Corps. This officer will, by virtue of this appointment, therefore, be obliged to carefully and diligently discharge the duties of the office to which appointed by doing and performing all manner of things thereunto belonging. As evidence of his good faith in accepting this commission, the officer named herein will continue to praise the glories of the Deep South, consume a true gentleman's share of the fares mentioned above, pay respectful homage to our lovely Southern Belles, save his Confederate money, harass the carpetbaggers, and always remember that damnyankee is one word. As Secretary of this Corps, I strictly charge and require all officers of the air militia of the South to render such obedience and courtesies as are due an Officer of this distinguished rank and honored position. Done at the City of Montgomery, Alabama, the Cradle of the Confederacy, this Seventh day of July in the year One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty Eight." It is stamped with the name Thadeus P. Throckmorton - Secretary, Confederate Air Corps.
    • Cuban Tourist Commission Air Certificate, 1955

      Cuban Tourist Commission (1955-07-11)
      A certificate from the Cuban Tourist Commission "in recognition of his success in crossing the Channel to Cuba from the United States in the Sixth Annual All Women International Air Race". The certificate was awarded to Dorothy Rungeling on July 11, 1955.
    • Diagram of a Horse

      Rungeling, Dorothy (1940s)
      A diagram of a horse, labelled and illustrated by Dorothy Rungeling.
    • Dorothy Rungeling in Sixth All Women's International Air Race, 1953

      A newspaper clipping from The Globe and Mail, 15 May 1953, that reads: "In Florida Flight - Twenty-one planes are expected to participate in the Welland, Ont., to New Smyrna Beach, Fla., June 11. First definite Canadian entry is Mrs. Dorothy Rungeling of Fenwick, Ont. (right), who will be accompanied by Mrs. Beverly Belfry of St. Catharines (left)."
    • Grand Bahama Club Flying Citation, 1958

      Grand Bahama Club (1958-08-19)
      A Citation from the Grand Bahama Club that reads, "This Citation is awarded to Dorothy Rungeling for having flown a single engine plane across the waters of the Gulf Stream to Grand Bahama Island. In Witness Whereof we have hereunto set our hands this 19th day of August 1958."
    • Horsemanship Notes

      Rungeling, Dorothy (1940s)
      Notes or an essay from Dorothy Rungeling's time in horsemanship classes in the 1940s. The notes/essay is three pages in length and is focused on the "head and neck" of a horse. She mentions the "schooling" of a horse, much like people. The horse must be taught the way to use his head and neck in the judging ring. She focuses on the horses use of it's neck and head for balance much like we use our arms, for example, "Did you ever try walking the rails on a railroad track or try walking on any narrow board? You would automatically put your arms out if you felt unbalanced. Your arms would be your balancer and the horse's head and neck are his".
    • Letter - Adrienne Clarkson to Dorothy Wetherald Rungeling, 2003

      Clarkson, Adrienne (2003-06-25)
      A letter from Governor General of Canada, Adrienne Clarkson, to Dorothy Wetherald Rungeling. This correspondence is in response to a letter Dorothy Wetherald Rungeling had sent to Adrienne Clarkson. In the letter, Clarkson thanks Wetherald Rungeling for a copy her book "It's Fun to Grow Old!" and mentions "it was wonderful to hear you speak about your experiences as a pilot at the Order of Canada ceremony. I can assure you that you have had as great an impact on others (myself included) as we have had on you."
    • Letter - Jean Chretien to Dorothy Wetherald Rungeling, 2003

      Chretien, Jean (2003-04-11)
      A letter from Prime Minister Jean Chretien to Dorothy Wetherald Rungeling, in congratulations of her appointment as a Member of the Order of Canada.
    • Letter - Mayor Armour L.McCrae to The Ninety-Nines, Inc.,

      McCrae, Armour L. (1954-04-09)
      A letter written by Mayor of Welland, Armour L. McCrae, to The Ninety-Nines (International Organization of Women Pilots), recommending Mrs. Dorothy Rungeling for the Amelia Earhart Scholarship. The letter reads: "Dear Madam: I am taking this opportunity of writing to you to support the name of Mrs. D. Rungeling for the Amelia Earhart Scholarship. Mrs. Rungeling has brought considerable fame to our city through her activities in the air and has placed second and fifth in recent All Womens Air Races. Perhaps, however, her most outstanding feats have been performed through her support of flying through the medium of our Flying Club. Towards this end, she regularly contributes through her column in the newspaper and was rewarded last year by receiving a National Trophy for her efforts. It would not be out of the way to say that Mrs. Rungeling has meant the difference between our City giving up this Airport or continuing. Her splendid personal triumph and her daily advocacy of flying has made our people flying conscious and we feel that we owe her a debt of gratitude for this fine work. Trusting this communication is in order, I am Yours very truly, Armour L. McCrae, Mayor.
    • Letter - Premier Leslie M. Frost to Dorothy Rungeling, 1955

      Frost, Leslie M. (1955-06-01)
      A letter from Premier Leslie M. Frost to Dorothy Rungeling wishing her the best in her upcoming All-Woman International Air Race from Washington, D.C. to Havana, Cuba. Mrs. Rungeling is the only Canadian entered in the race. Premier Frost also mentions that Mrs. Rungeling will likely have the chance to meet President Batista of Cuba.
    • Menu - Dinner on the occasion of the Investiture of the Order of Canada

      A menu from the dinner of the Investiture of the Order of Canada.
    • The Order of Canada Investiture Ceremony Program (Selection of Pages)

      A selection of pages from the program for the Order of Canada Investiture Ceremony in 2003 when Dorothy Wetherald Rungeling was a recipient.
    • The Pelican - Official Line-Up of All Women's International Air Race

      A listing of the pilots competing in the All Women's International Air Race, 1953.
    • Photograph - Dorothy Rungeling and Governor-General's Silver Cup, 1953

      A photograph of Dorothy Rungeling with the Silver Cup, the caption reads "Dorothy Rungeling, Canadian woman flier, holds Governor-General's Silver Cup, which she won, as well as a cheque for $500 for winning the Governor-General's Race at the National Air Show held in Toronto last September."
    • Photograph - Dorothy Rungeling and others at Airplane Hangar

      A photograph of five men and Dorothy Rungeling standing at the entrance of an airplane hangar.
    • Photograph - Dorothy Rungeling in Car

      A photograph of Dorothy Rungeling sitting in a car parked beside a plane. There is a boy in the car next to her, likely her son Barry. According to her story in Air Facts (reprinted in Bozeman Daily Chronicle), this may be the day back in 1948 when she first went up in an airplane, According to the story, she was with her husband and son taking photographs for ads for their car dealership when she was persuaded by her son to take a turn in the airplane.
    • Photograph - Dorothy Rungeling Receives 4th Place Trophy T.A.R. 1956

      A photograph of Dorothy Rungeling receiving her 4th place trophy along with the other winners of the 1956 T.A.R. San Mateo, California to Flint, Michigan Air Race.
    • Photograph - Dorothy Rungeling with Airplane sponsored by Thompson Products, 1952

      Titley, Bert (1952)
      A photograph of Dorothy Rungeling in front of her airplane sponsored by Thompson Products in the 1952 All Women's International Air Race from St. Augustine, Florida to Welland, Ontario.
    • Photograph - Dorothy Rungeling with Husband Charlie and Son Barry, 1953

      A photograph of Dorothy Rungeling with husband Charlie and son Barry with the winning trophy of the Governor General's Cup Air Race, Toronoto, 1953.