• Airplane Invoice, 1949

      An invoice for a Luscombe Silvaire, Model 8-A Sky Pal plane with additional items installed. The total for the invoice is $2541.63 for all items. The invoice was made out by Aero Activities Limited, Barker Airport, Toronto 10, Ontario. There is a handwritten note at the top of the invoice that reads, "Our 1st airplane".
    • Article - "And there I was", 1952

      Rungeling, Dorothy (1952-05-11)
      An article that was originally published in Air Facts in 1951, is published again in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle in 1952. In the scrapbook kept by Mrs. Rungeling, there is a typwritten note that explains the events surrounding the second publication, "This story was initially printed in AIR FACTS, a flight magazine published in New York City. It was read by a Flight School in Bozeman, Montana. They wrote to me asking if I would give them permission to have the whole story printed in the Bozeman newspaper as an ad for their flying school. This is a copy of the story which was in the Bozeman newspaper". The article/story begins "This story is for non-flyers who are scared of airplanes, especially woman". This is the story of Dorothy Rungeling's first flight in a plane back in 1948 and her initial fears concerning flying.
    • Article - "Canadian Lass in 170 Beats Male Competitors in Cup Race", 1956

      Cessna, 1956-10
      An article covering the win of Dorothy Rungeling in the Canadian Governor-General Cup race. She was the only female competitor against ten males. She has won two out of the last three years.
    • Article - "Canadians in Air Race", 1951

      An article clipping discussing the four Canadian women entered in the third annual All Women's International Air Race in 1951.
    • Article - "Dorothy First at Wichita in 'Powder Puff' Derby"

      Rungeling, Dorothy (1956-07-09)
      An article in the Toronto Star written by Dorothy Rungeling during the 'Powder Puff' Derby. She is reporting from the Wichita, Kansas leg of the race and remarks about her time in California.
    • Article - "Dorothy Rungeling Enters 'Powder Puff' Air Derby", 1958

      An article about Dorothy Rungeling in her third Derby competition in 1958. She will be co-piloted by Miss Susan Koch and the route will take them from San Diego, California to Charleston, South Carolina.
    • Article - "Fenwick Flier Finishes Fifth", 1953

      The article is focused on the fifth place finish of Mrs. Dorothy Rungeling. The article speculates that "The local entrant would have placed second had she not been grounded by bad weather causing her to lose 40 minutes of flying time".
    • Article - "Fenwick Housewife Wins National Air Show Race", 1953

      The article discusses the 1953 Governor-General's Cup win for Mrs. Dorothy Rungeling at the National Air Show. There were nine other pilots competing in the race.
    • Article - "Fixed Wing to Whirly Bird"

      Rungeling, Dorothy (Maclean-Hunter Publishing Co. LTD., 1959-07)
      An article written by Dorothy Rungeling about her experience flying a helicopter for the first time. She is instructed by Bert Ratliff of the Bell Helicopter Corp. in a Bell G2 Trooper.
    • Article - "Fonthill Woman Among 21 Pilots in Welland - Florida Air race", 1953

      An article in The St. Catharines Standard that discusses the upcoming sixth all-women's international air race from Welland, Ontario to New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Mrs. Rungeling will be accompanied by Beverly Belfry of St. Catharines and wife of a Thompson Products executive. Thompson Products is also sponsoring Mrs. Rungeling's flight and a representative, Mr. Stauffer, of Thompson Products, states "It is encouraging to see the international air race grow as it has done...This year's list of 21 probable entries compares with eight in last year's race".
    • Article - "Navigation emphasized in the Governor-General's Race"

      Rungeling, Dorothy (Maclean-Hunter Publishing Co. LTD., 1956-10)
      An article written by Dorothy Rungeling for the magazine Canadian Aviation. She writes about her experience during the Governor-General's Race and her win.
    • Article - "Pelham's New Councillor A Woman of Many 'Firsts'", 1963

      An article in the St. Catharines Standard announcing Dorothy Rungeling as a new member of council for Pelham Township. The article states, "She is the first woman to be nominated and elected to Pelham township council since it was formed in 1850,"
    • Article - "Senior Commercial Pilot's Licence For Mrs. Rungeling", 1954

      The article discusses the recent acquisition of a senior commercial pilot's licence for Mrs. Dorothy Rungeling. She is one of only three women, at the time, to hold this licence. The process for acquiring the licence is described, "Before acquiring the senior commercial pilot's licence, Mrs. Rungeling was required credit of a minimum of 700 hours in the air...of the required 25 hours of night flight, 10 had to be cross-country. She began her preparations for the exams in February of the present year and completed them in May".
    • Article - "Stamp of Approval", 2010

      Campbell, Wayne (2010-05-15)
      An article discussing the accomplishments of Dorothy Rungeling and the announcement of a Canada Post stamp in her honour. Dorothy Rungeling is 99 at the time of the interview.
    • Article - "Those darling young women in their flying machines", 1977

      Rungeling, Dorothy (1977-09-09)
      A retrospective article written by Dorothy Rungeling as she recalls the the International Air Races that often began or ended in Welland-Port Colborne Airport. The article was published in the Welland Evening Tribune, 9 September 1977.
    • Article - "Tribune Article Wins Aviation Writing Prize", 1958

      An article in The Evening Tribune that discusses a second place win in an aviation writing competition. She had also won previously in 1953. The article states that the "newest award comes on the heels of the granting of an airline transport licence to Mrs. Rungeling." Dorothy Rungeling has written a small note next to the article that reads: "Getting an Airline transport Licence was my proudest achievement. I was number 1 woman in Canada."
    • Article - St. Catharines Standard post race, 7 July 1952

      A photograph and brief comment about the race results for Dorothy Rungeling. She is photographed next to George Belfry of Thompson Products (sponsor), Alice Little (co-pilot) and radio broadcaster Rex Stimers.
    • Aviation Writing Award Winners, 1953

      A photograph and caption for the Aviation Writing Award winners of 1953. There are eleven winners pictured and Dorothy Rungeling is the only female.
    • Commemorative Stamp 2010

      Canada Post (2010)
      A commemorative stamp produced by Canada Post in 2010 in honour of Dorothy Rungeling, "Canada's 1st Woman to Solo a Helicopter".
    • The Confederate Air Corps Certificate, 1958

      The Confederate Air Corps (1958-07-07)
      A certificate from The Confederate Air Corps that reads, "To all who shall see these presents, greeting: Know yes, that in recognition of his having manifested an unusually high regard for black-eyed peas, turnip greens, hog jowl, sow belly, pot likkers, grits, chittlins, and good old corn squeezins, Dorothy Rungeling is, as of this date, hereby appointed to the rank of Colonel in the Confederate Air Corps. This officer will, by virtue of this appointment, therefore, be obliged to carefully and diligently discharge the duties of the office to which appointed by doing and performing all manner of things thereunto belonging. As evidence of his good faith in accepting this commission, the officer named herein will continue to praise the glories of the Deep South, consume a true gentleman's share of the fares mentioned above, pay respectful homage to our lovely Southern Belles, save his Confederate money, harass the carpetbaggers, and always remember that damnyankee is one word. As Secretary of this Corps, I strictly charge and require all officers of the air militia of the South to render such obedience and courtesies as are due an Officer of this distinguished rank and honored position. Done at the City of Montgomery, Alabama, the Cradle of the Confederacy, this Seventh day of July in the year One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty Eight." It is stamped with the name Thadeus P. Throckmorton - Secretary, Confederate Air Corps.