Recent Submissions

  • From the margins to the centre: Re-thinking sexual violence education and support at Brock University (October, 2016)

    Francis, Margot; Giesbrecht, Jennica; Henry, Kattawe; Turgeon, Jessica (2017-05-26)
    This report is dedicated to the Brock University students who led the way in an unprecedented range of organizing, activism and protest on the issue of sexual violence in 2016. Readers of this report no doubt agree that Brock University has arrived at a decision point regarding how it handles sexual violence on campus and that change is being compelled at all levels, from provincial legislation to a grassroots base of courageous students who are insistent that their concerns be heard. The intent of this research is to amplify those voices for change, particularly from survivors, and to suggest practical recommendations for sexual violence education and support. We offer this research as one component of a broader conversation about how Brock can take leadership on sexual and gender justice. We hope it will be read by senior administration, students, staff and faculty and will contribute to envisioning a common project for change.