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  • Episode 2: Reversing the Gaze 

    Steer, Linda (2020-09-16)
    In this episode we examine contemporary Cree artist Kent Monkman's diptych mistikôsiwak on view now at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The monumental paintings were completed in 2019 and are called Welcoming ...
  • Episode 1: Revealing a Portrait 

    Steer, Linda (2020-09-09)
    Episode 1, “Revealing a Portrait”, considers what the canon of art history is and looks to a painting by contemporary African American artist Titus Kaphar to consider what it excludes. It also addresses the notion of ...
  • Rethinking the Diegetic-Nondiegetic Distinction in the Film Musical 

    Penner, Nina (University of Illinois Press, 2017)
    This paper exposes problems with the diegetic/nondiegetic distinction as a means of describing film-musical numbers. Tracing the use of these terms from Plato to present-day cinema studies, the author identifies a divergence ...
  • Intentions in Theory and Practice 

    Penner, Nina (Oxford University Press, 2018)
    The ‘intentional fallacy’ and pronouncements of the ‘death of the author’ supported the hermeneutical flights of fancy that characterized the ‘New Musicology’ of the 1980s and early 1990s, but mesh less well with more ...
  • Opera Singing and Fictional Truth 

    Penner, Nina (Wiley Subscription Services, Inc, 2013)
    This paper concerns the ontological status and authorship of the music in opera, refining and expanding the work of Edward T. Cone (1989) and Peter Kivy (1991, 1994). Their proposal that opera characters live in a world ...
  • Composures 

    Parayre, Catherine (Small Walker Press, 2020)
    A collection of brief contributions on the theme of care by members of the Research Centre in Interdisciplinary Arts and Creative Culture at the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts, in the Centre for Studies ...
  • Inland 

    Serfas, Shawn (Small Walker Press and Salon für Kunstbuch, 2019)
    Shawn Serfas grew up exploring the northern reaches of Saskatchewan’ lakes and river systems Saskatchewan. Although initially drawn to an academic career in the environmental sciences, Serfas pursued Fine Arts and Art ...
  • The Quarry 

    Dickinson, Adam; Bourgeois, Lorène (Small Walker Press and Salon für Kunstbuch, 2019)
    In the Fall of 2018, the Small Walker Press invited poet Adam Dickinson and artist Lorène Bourgeois to walk through a former landfill (1976-2001), the Glenridge Quarry Naturalization Site. Located on the Niagara Escarpment, ...
  • Videopoetry = Vidéopoésie 

    Dugas, Daniel H.; LeBlanc, Valerie (Small Walker Press, 2020)
    Canadian digital artist and videopoet Valerie LeBlanc and Canadian poet, musician, and videopoet ******** Daniel H. Dugas have been working together since 1990. Daniel H. Dugas was born in Montréal, QC. Poet, videographer, ...
  • Contextualising Postmodernity in Daoist Symbolism: Toward a mindful education embracing eastern wisdom 

    Blom, Rob; Lu, Chunlei (Educational Philosophy and Theory (EPAT) under the Philosophy of Education Society of Australisa (PESA), 2016-07-12)
    In cultivating a Western inclination toward Eastern wisdom, it is important to seek the foundations that sustain traditional practices toward such end. In a secularised and modern world view, the tendency has been to extract ...
  • Post-Industrial Ephemera: Soundings, Gestures and Poetics (Silo City, Buffalo, NY). 

    Parayre, Catherine (2018)
    Parayre, Catherine, ed. Post-Industrial Ephemera: Soundings, Gestures and Poetics (Silo City, Buffalo, NY). St. Catharines: Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts / Brock University, 2018. 33 p. ISBN ...
  • Violence Against Indigenous Women in Canada: A Colonial Legacy or Tragedy? 

    McComb, Caitlyn (2018-03-17)
    In 2015 the Canadian government launched its National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIW) (2015), identifying that it was one of the most urgently important issues facing Canadian society. ...
  • The Effect of Actions of Islamic Radicals on the Self-conceptualization of North American Muslims 

    Ahmed, Ahmed (2018-03-17)
    This paper examines the experiences of Canadian and American Muslims in the post 9/11 period in relation to the effect of the actions of Islamic radicals on the self-conceptualization of North American Muslims’ identity ...
  • Crossing Border 2018 Conference Schedule 

    Unknown author (2018-03-16)
    Program and Schedule of 2018 Crossing Borders Conference

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