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    • Letter - Julian Porter to R.A. Brown 12 July 1967

      Porter, Julian (2015-01-29)
      A letter from Mr. Julian Porter to R.A. Brown of Longmans Green Publishing Company. The letter indicates that Mr. Porter was introduced to Sean O'Sullivan during a political function. Mr. O'Sullivan mentioned that he had written a manuscript about Mr. J. Diefenbaker. Mr. Porter suggests that Longmans Green Publishing Company take interest in the manuscript. The company eventually rejects the book due to it being "so highly personal". The publishing company also remarks "I am personally most impressed with Mr. O'Sullivan's sincerity. I can't imagine anything will stop him from eventually going into politics."
    • Letter - John Diefenbaker to Sean O'Sullivan, 5 July 1968

      Diefenbaker, John (2015-01-29)
      A letter from John Diefenbaker to Sean O'Sullivan following the election in 1968. Diefenbaker thanks O'Sullivan for his work for the Diefenbaker campaign in Prince Albert. He also mentions that O'Sullivan has "a knowledge of political issues that is amazing".
    • Letter - Mrs. Olive Diefenbaker to Sean O'Sullivan, 6 December 1966

      Diefenbaker, Olive (2015-01-28)
      A handwritten letter from Olive Diefenbaker to Sean O'Sullivan, 6 December 1966. Mrs. Diefenbaker remarks about a phone call she received from a Hamiltonian who had met O'Sullivan at "the Convention" and had "'tried to help him over his disillusion"'. Mrs. Diefenbaker took offense to the comments and responded to the individual "I wouldn't worry about Sean. He is mature and wise, and will think his way through like the rest of us".
    • Letter - Sean O'Sullivan to J. Diefenbaker, December 1971

      O'Sullivan, Sean (2015-01-28)
      A letter to John Diefenbaker from Sean O'Sullivan in regards to a position working for the Diefenbaker campaign. O'Sullivan does not ask for any special consideration, but does remark on his experience thus far.
    • Letter - Sean O'Sullivan to J. Diefenbaker, November 1969

      O'Sullivan, Sean (2015-01-28)
      A letter from Sean O'Sullivan to John Diefenbaker, 29 November 1969. O'Sullivan mentions a confrontation between Diefenbaker and Prime Minister Trudeau, during which Trudeau made an error and apologized to the House. Instead of seizing the moment to ridicule, Diefenbaker crossed the floor to accept the apology. O'Sullivan remarks "The gesture you made brought new honour to Parliament; an honour far too often lacking; and serves to remind all Canadians of the difference between a true leader and a petty political opportunist". He ends his letter by mentioning graffiti on the walls of Brock University that reads: "Mickey Mouse wears a Robert Stanfield watch".
    • Letter - Sean O'Sullivan to J. Diefenbaker, April 1968

      O'Sullivan, Sean (2015-01-28)
      The letter begins by thanking J. Diefenbaker for a personal note and other mementos. O'Sullivan then begins to discuss Trudeau and his popularity, he remarks "If he calls an early election, he will sweep the Country. Truly he is a phenomenon, thanks to the press of Canada. However, the press are a fickle lot and could easily turn their marriage to him into a divorce under the new rules he had Parliament pass." He also discusses his opinion of how the provinces will vote in an upcoming election.
    • Letters - Correspondence with John Diefenbaker, 1968

      Diefenaker, John; O'Sullivan, Sean (2015-01-28)
      There is a telegram from John Diefenbaker congratulating Sean O'Sullivan on his recent election win as President of the Hamilton Young Progressive Conservatives. O'Sullivan was in Grade 11 at the time. The second correspondence is a reply from Sean O'Sullivan with appreciation to Diefenbaker for all his "encouragement and inspiration". The correspondence took place 19 March 1968 and 20 March 1968.
    • Letter - John Diefenbaker to Sean O'Sullivan, 17 November 1967

      Diefenbaker, John (2015-01-28)
      The letter mentions that Diefenbaker had just received a letter from O'Sullivan. Diefenbaker mentions that he will be leaving for New York where he will be honoured with the Shevchenko award at the World Conference of Free Ukrainians. He is being recognized for bringing world attention to the denial of freedom to Ukraine and to the Baltic States. He joins a list of past recipients that include: President Truman, President Eisenhower and Vice-President Humphrey.
    • Father Sean O'Sullivan Meditation Room

      A room on Parliament Hill was officially opened in honour of the late Father Sean O'Sullivan. The Father Sean O'Sullivan Meditation Room was designated for prayer, meditation and/or reflection, 18 March 1991, in the East Block.
    • Resignation from Parliament, 1977

      O'Sullivan, Sean (2015-01-28)
      A letter of resignation from parliament. Sean O'Sullivan decided to resign from his MP position in parliament in 1977 to pursue religious studies and become a Catholic priest.
    • Convocation Program 1985 - Honorary Degree to Sean O'Sullivan

      Brock University (2015-01-28)
      A convocation program for June 1985. On 7 June 1985, Father Sean O'Sullivan gave the convocation address and was conferred an honorary degree.
    • Theatre Dedication - Sean O'Sullivan Theatre

      Gardner, Michelle L.; Mulroney, Brian (2015-01-28)
      Two letters, the first a letter from Michelle Gardner (Manager Development, Brock University) reflecting on the dedication evening for the Sean O'Sullivan Theatre. She includes a letter from Prime Minister Brian Mulroney who was unable to attend the dedication.
    • Sympathy Letter from Prime Minister

      Mulroney, Brian (2015-01-28)
      A letter from Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney, expressing sympathy to the parents of Father Sean O'Sullivan. Father Sean passed away in 1989 after battling leukemia, he was 37 years old.