• Letter - Sean O'Sullivan to J. Diefenbaker, April 1968

      O'Sullivan, Sean (2015-01-28)
      The letter begins by thanking J. Diefenbaker for a personal note and other mementos. O'Sullivan then begins to discuss Trudeau and his popularity, he remarks "If he calls an early election, he will sweep the Country. Truly he is a phenomenon, thanks to the press of Canada. However, the press are a fickle lot and could easily turn their marriage to him into a divorce under the new rules he had Parliament pass." He also discusses his opinion of how the provinces will vote in an upcoming election.
    • Letter - Sean O'Sullivan to J. Diefenbaker, December 1971

      O'Sullivan, Sean (2015-01-28)
      A letter to John Diefenbaker from Sean O'Sullivan in regards to a position working for the Diefenbaker campaign. O'Sullivan does not ask for any special consideration, but does remark on his experience thus far.
    • Letter - Sean O'Sullivan to J. Diefenbaker, November 1969

      O'Sullivan, Sean (2015-01-28)
      A letter from Sean O'Sullivan to John Diefenbaker, 29 November 1969. O'Sullivan mentions a confrontation between Diefenbaker and Prime Minister Trudeau, during which Trudeau made an error and apologized to the House. Instead of seizing the moment to ridicule, Diefenbaker crossed the floor to accept the apology. O'Sullivan remarks "The gesture you made brought new honour to Parliament; an honour far too often lacking; and serves to remind all Canadians of the difference between a true leader and a petty political opportunist". He ends his letter by mentioning graffiti on the walls of Brock University that reads: "Mickey Mouse wears a Robert Stanfield watch".
    • Letter - Sean O'Sullivan to John G. Doherty, 28 April 1975

      Doherty, John G. (2015-02-04)
      A letter from Sean O'Sullivan to John G. Doherty, editor of The Spectator, 28 April 1975. The letter includes comments from O'Sullivan regarding the direction of the Progressive Conservative Party.
    • Letter - Sean O'Sullivan to Richard Nixon, 20 December 1975

      O'Sullivan, Sean (2015-02-05)
      A brief letter from Sean O'Sullivan to Richard Nixon, 20 December 1975. O'Sullivan thanks Nixon for a meeting they had in San Clemente, California. O'Sullivan remarks "It is my hope that the future will permit us to work towards the goal of a lasting Peace -- a goal to which you have already made such an outstanding contribution".
    • Letter - Victor K. Copps to Sean O'Sullivan, 9 December 1963

      Copps, Victor K. (2015-01-29)
      A letter from Hamilton Mayor, Victor K. Copps, stating that he received a letter from Mr. O'Sullivan inviting him to a show at his school. Mr. O'Sullivan would have been about 11 years at the time. The Mayor plans to attend the show at his school and thanks Mr. O'Sullivan for the invitation.
    • Letters - Correspondence with John Diefenbaker, 1968

      Diefenaker, John; O'Sullivan, Sean (2015-01-28)
      There is a telegram from John Diefenbaker congratulating Sean O'Sullivan on his recent election win as President of the Hamilton Young Progressive Conservatives. O'Sullivan was in Grade 11 at the time. The second correspondence is a reply from Sean O'Sullivan with appreciation to Diefenbaker for all his "encouragement and inspiration". The correspondence took place 19 March 1968 and 20 March 1968.
    • Ordination Program, 3 October 1981

      A program for the Ordination to the Priesthood of Sean Patrick O'Sullivan Conferred by Gerald Emmett Cardinal Carter, D.D., Ph.D., Archbishop of Toronto.
    • Press Release - Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway Assignment, 25 October 1973

      House of Commons Canada (2015-02-04)
      A press release assigning Sean O'Sullivan to study the future of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway.
    • Press Release - Youth for Diefenbaker, 1967

      Youth for Diefenbaker (2015-01-29)
      A press release from Youth for Diefenbaker, 1 August 1967. The release reads: "Hamilton Student Appointed Youth for Dief Representative. The youngest delegate to the conservative leadership convention, 15 year old Sean O'Sullivan of Hamilton, has been named Western Ontario representative of the Youth for Diefenbaker movement. This movement was formed in Ottawa to engage support of Canada's young conservatives for John Diefenbaker at the leadership convention. According to Mr. O'Sullivan, there is growing support for Mr. Diefenbaker and he will have an announcement to make in that regard at a press conference on Friday August Fourth at the Connaught Hotel."
    • Re-election pamphlet - Sean O'Sullivan for Hamilton-Wentworth, 1974

      Hamilton-Wentworth P.C. Association (2015-02-11)
      A pamphlet for re-election for Sean O'Sullivan, Hamilton-Wentworth, 1974. Included photographs of Sean O'Sullivan and quotes from several newspapers.
    • Report From Ottawa, 23 February 1973

      O'Sullivan, Sean (2015-01-21)
      A report from Sean O'Sullivan for the 23rd of February 1973. His report remarks on the week at Parliament Hill. He provides a report for each week. He remarks on "Mr. Turner's latest budget" and the economic problems in Canada. He discusses taxes, old age pensions and he mentions tax change measures he recommends.
    • Report From Ottawa, 12 April 1973

      O'Sullivan, Sean (2015-01-21)
      This report describes a brief trip to the Yukon with two other M.P.'s (Erik Nielsen, Yukon; Stan Schellenberger, Alberta). The topics of a discussion included proposed gas pipeline and "Indian land claims". He ends his report with "The experience gives new meaning to that advertising slogan 'Canada: Stand together. Understand together.'"
    • Resignation from Parliament, 1977

      O'Sullivan, Sean (2015-01-28)
      A letter of resignation from parliament. Sean O'Sullivan decided to resign from his MP position in parliament in 1977 to pursue religious studies and become a Catholic priest.