• Broadside reporting the Fenian Invasion of Canada, June 2, 1866

      Smith & Co. Publishers, St. Johns (1866-06-02)
      One broadside reporting the Fenian invasion of Canada, dated June 2, 1866. This 'news extra' states that 'the Old Fort Erie [is]in their possession…Active preparations to drive back the freebooters'. The report further states that 'volunteers responded to the call of turnout with hearty goodwill. They expressed the hope that the ‘Bloody Finnegans’ would come and be prepared to fight and not keep cowardly threatening and doing nothing'. The article also describes the arrival of the Royal Artillery, the Volunteers, and the Rifle Brigade, all recently arrived from Montreal. The 'news from St. Albans' includes the arrival of 300 Fenians, described as a 'resolute looking lot of men, evidently bent on mischief of some sort'. More Fenians were expected to arrive from New Haven, CT and Boston. It is also reported that 1500 Fenians crossed the border from the United States into Canada, and it is believed that they are headed towards Chippewa from Fort Erie. The Reeve of Bertie, Dr. Kempson, was shot while reading the riot act. Further reports indicate that the Fenians were in possession of Taylor’s Heights, just below Fort Erie, and that they have opened a recruiting office at Fort Erie. Subsequent reports state that the Fenians are 'retreating on Chippewa…they are drunk and disorderly'. Meanwhile, about 1000 Fenians were reported to be in Malone, N.Y., and thought to be heading towards Montreal. A list of Companies of Lower Canada that have been called out in response is included. The last section reports on an engagement with the Fenians at Port Colborne. Few details were known, but it is reported that the British Forces were able to fend off the attack.
    • Broadside Reporting the Fenian Invasion of Canada, June 3 1866

      Smith & Co. Publishers, St. Johns (1866-06-03)
      The collection consists of 6 broadsides reporting the events of the Fenian invasion of Canada on June 2 and 3, 1866. This broadside is titled Globe Extra and is from the evening of June 3rd, 1866. Some of the headings include: "Numerous Fenian Prisoners in our Hands", "All Quiet at Sarnia!" and "Further from Montreal! Troops Leaving for the Front".