• Map - First Division Sector Coblenz - Bridghead

      A large map titled "Map of First Division Sector Coblenz-Bridgehead" dated 8 May 1919. The map is hand drawn.
    • Map - Plan of Attack of a Iagdkommaudo west of Cantigny, 27 May 1918

      A map titled "Plan of Attack of a Iagdkommaudo west of Cantigny on 27 May 1918. There are two sketches and the legend indicates that sketch no. 1 is "Firing until 7A.M." and sketch no. 2 is "Firing after 7A.M."
    • Map - Plan of Operation against Cantigny

      A map titled "Plan of Operation against Cantigny" and dated 17 December 1918.
    • Map - Plan of Organization of Conquered Position

      A map titled "Plan of Organization of Conquered Position". There is a legend at the top right that reads: "Parallel of Surveillance, Parallel of Resistance, Parallel of the Redoubts, Limit between Bns., Final Objective, Final Line after Counter Attack." The map is dated 17 December 1918
    • Map - Principaute de Monaco

      Guide Nice-Bijou (n.d.)
      A map of Monaco with legend of fifty locations.
    • Map - Probable Order of Battle

      A map titled "Probable Order of Battle" and dated 28 May 1918. The map is of the Montdidier district and has handwritten notations for the Battle of Cantigny written by the 1st Battalion, Fifth Field Artillery, American Expeditionary Forces, France.
    • Memorandum - Report on operations of 1st Division against St. Mihiel Salient, 1918

      King, Campbell; Summerall, Major General (1918-09-21)
      A memorandum describing the days leading up to the Battle of Saint-Mihiel. The document describes 1. Statement of Operation, 2. Character of Terrain, 3. Initial Dispositions, 4. Suitability of Formations, 5. How such formations were, or could have been, best adapted to meet the changing conditions of combat and terrain, 6. Employment of Infantry Weapons, 7. Artillery Support, 8. Passage of Obstacles, 9. Passage of Lines, 10. Destruction of Opposition, 11. Fighting in Intermediate Zone, 12. Organization of Ground, 13. Liaison, 14. General Observations.
    • Menu - Hotel des Reservoirs Versailles

      Hotel des Reservoirs
      A menu from the Hotel Des Reservoirs with the date 9 June. There are some handwritten comments that include "Versailles" and "Note: One wing of this hotel occupied by German delegates to Peace Conference".
    • Photograph - Arthur A. Schmon receives Honourary Doctorate, 1952

      A photograph of Arthur A. Schmon receiving an Honourary Doctorate of Science Degree from Laval University. The reverse of the photo describes the event: "Laval University - Quebec City - September 22, 1952. Arthur A. Schmon receiving Doctorate of Science Degree (honourary). The Right Honourable Louis St. Laurent, K.C., Prime Minister of Canada His Excellency Msgr. Maurice Roy, Archbishop of Quebec, Chancellor of Laval Arthur A. Schmon Behind Archbishop Roy is Cardinal McGuigan of Toronto Msgr. Garant is immediately behind Arthur A. Schmon and about to pin the epitage on his left shoulder. Young Priest immediately behind the Archbishop's chair is Father Garneau, Secretary to Msgr. Parent, Vice-Rector of the University."
    • Photograph - Arthur A. Schmon, Eleanore Celeste Schmon and crowd

      A photograph of Arthur A. Schmon with Eleanore Celeste Schmon with a crowd gathered around. The reverse of the picture is stamped "Editorial Associates Ltd. Montreal - Toronto"
    • Photograph - Baie Comeau, Administrative Building, etc.

      Associated Screen News Limited (circa 1936)
      A photograph of the Administrative Buidling, staff dining room and cement sewer as construction continues at Baie Comeau.
    • Photograph - Baie Comeau, Blasting Rock

      Associated Screen News Limited (circa 1936)
      A photograph of the construction at Baie Comeau, with the caption "'Sinking' dynamite for blast in rock immediately behind temporary staff house."
    • Photograph - Baie Comeau, Dam at Lake LaChasse

      Associated Screen News Limited (circa 1936)
      A photograph of the construction of the dam at Lake LaChasse.
    • Photograph - Baie Comeau, LaChasse Dam

      Associated Screen News Limited (circa 1936)
      A photograph with the caption, "LaChasse dam looking from river to Lake LaChasse".
    • Photograph - Baie Comeau, Last Railway Spike

      Associated Screen News Limited (circa 1936)
      A photograph of the "last spike in the Baie Comeau railway. Photo shows, left to right; A.I.Cunningham, managing engineer of the Ontario Paper Company driving the spike: V.G. Younghusband, vice president of the Foundation Company of Canada; R.W. Shaver, construction manager for the paper company; K.W. Bash, general superintendent, Foundation Company; and His Lordship the Bishop of Quebec.
    • Photograph - Baie Comeau, Panorama View

      Associated Screen News Limited (circa 1936)
      A panoramic view of Baie Comeau, showing the entire site. The photograph has been cut in half and folded. The caption reads "Panorama taken from water tank showing millsite, paper warehouse, temporary townsite to left. Men's cook house in left centre, rock quarry to right, railway lines on right.
    • Photograph - Baie Comeau, Paper Store House Construction

      Associated Screen News Limited (circa 1936)
      A photograph at Baie Comeau with the caption "Cement hoist at work on paper store house construction".
    • Photograph - Baie Comeau, Railway line

      Associated Screen News Limited (circa 1936)
      A photograph with the caption "Railway line, on trestle, immediately behind millsite".