• Care and Preservation of Artillery Material, 1917

      A manual instructing on the "Care and Preservation of Artillery Material" from the Field Artillery School of Instruction (Saumur). The name of Arthur A. Schmon is handwritten across the front cover.
    • Christmas Card

      Schmon, Eleanore Celeste (2014-10-30)
    • Chtistmas Card

      Schmon, Eleanore Celeste (2014-10-29)
      A Christmas card that reads: "Christmas Greetings to my Daddy. Just a little Christmas card that will tell you, Daddy dear, I will give you all my love, And be your good child all the year!". Eleanore Celeste often refers to Arthur as "Daddy" and she signs the card with her nickname "Bubbles.
    • Conscription Letter Envelope

      An envelope from the Army and Navy Department "The International Committee of Young Men's Christian Associations (in the Field) General Office". The handwritten note on the front reads: "Capsule that decided someone's fate for conscription".
    • Der Brummer, 1918

      Berlin : Verlag der "Lustige Blätter", 1914-, 1918
      A german magazine/newspaper called "Der Brummer". The edition is numbered 217 and is from the year 1918.
    • First Field Artillery Brigade Observer, 1 July 1918

      The report mentions that General Pershing presented Distinguished Service Crosses to soldiers in the First Field Artillery Brigade. It also describes a Sergeant and 3 men finding an enemy soldier asleep with a machine gun. They brought him back to the American lines. Also included is a list of destruction that took place over the the last three days.
    • First Field Artillery Brigade Observer, 22 June 1918

      An issue of the First Field Artillery Brigade Observer, 22 June 1918, no.5. The report describes several raids, including "the Austrians, under orders from the Kaiser and with the object of putting new enthusiasm into their disheartened people, launched a big offensive, which the Italians have handled to date masterfully."
    • General Orders No. 61, 24 September 1918

      Thornton, S.G. (1918-09-24)
      General Orders, dated 24 September 1918, includes telegram messages received by the Corps Commander. The telegrams quoted include one from Woodrow Wilson and Major General Summerall. Both are messages of congratulations and praise.
    • General Orders, 28 February 1919

      Pershing, General John J. (1919-02-28)
      A letter from General John J. Pershing to his "fellow soldiers" as service comes to an end. He thanks the soldiers for their "splendid service to the army and to the nation".
    • Illustration from the First Field Artillery Brigade Observer

      Butler, Alban B. Jr. (1918-07-04)
      A cartoon by Alban B. Butler (signed), titled "National Salute" and dated 4 July 1918. The illustration shows officers loading a canon and firing.
    • Interrogation of Prisoner - Heaquarters 1st Division, American Expeditionary Forces, 27 May 1918

      A prisoner interrogation report dated 27 May 1918. The report reads: "I. PRISONER X. 1st. Battalion, 272 Res. Rogt., 82d Res. 1. CIRCUMSTANCES OF CAPTURE; Captured, while attempting to raid our trenches, at point 1719 at about 7A.M. 2. INFORMATION OBTAINED FROM PRISONER (a) Between point 1814 and point 175242 the German trenches appear to be held by three companies, each numbering 3 platoons, each platoon numbering about 40 men. Each company has 4 light machine guns in the first lines, these machine guns distributed along the first trench (one of them in particular is located at bond in hostile trench at point 17215 and another at about 17245. Each company, furthermore, has one platoon (weak in numbers) in support in the ravine north of Cantigny. These platoons are in dugouts dug into the side of the hill approximately between points 28215 and 2223. Each of these support platoons has two light machine guns at its disposal. Company commanders dugout is at some point along the line of dugouts occupied by the support platoons. Another company commander's dugout (Co.3) is at point 1815 about 15 meters behind the German trench which runs along the edge of the town of Cantigny. There is a communication trench between the cemetery at 2018 and the front line at 18179. It is believed that there is a machine gun at point 17245 kept in a dugout dug under the road. The reserve battalion is believed to be at a fairly great distance from the front (near Bouillancourt). The prisoner, on the other hand, states that it may have been moved up."
    • Invitation - Presentation Party in the Garden of Buckingham Palace, 1953

      An invitation to an "Afternoon Presentation Party in the Garden of Buckingham Palace on Thursday 28th May 1953 from 4 to 6 o'clock". The invitation is to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Schmon and lists dress attire for ladies and gentlemen.
    • Journal of Cantigny Operations, 28 May 1918

      A "journal of Cantigny operations" starting at 12:15 a.m. May 28th through May 30th. The final entry reads: "May 30th: Colonel Holbrook reports that the Germans started another Counter Attack about 3:30A.M. that the first wave got through our barrage, but did not reach our lines and that the second wave was destroyed by our barrage."
    • Letter - E.C. Schmon to Arthur A. Schmon, 1 April 1916

      Schmon, Eleanore Celeste (2014-11-26)
      She discusses her evening of cards and dancing. She states that Arthur will be home in two and a half weeks.
    • Letter - E.C. Schmon to Arthur A. Schmon, 1 March 1918

      Schmon, Eleanore Celeste (2014-11-27)
      The letter is written on Waldorf-Astoria stationary. She is in the city with her Auntie and they plan to go to dinner at the Martinique. The letter is labelled number 64.
    • Letter - E.C. Schmon to Arthur A. Schmon, 1 March 1919

      Schmon, Eleanore Celeste (2014-12-10)
      She mentions a birthday gift that has been sent from Arthur and will soon arrive. Eleanore Celeste has been teaching at Washington Street school and has been asked to work a great deal at this school. She believes the principle, Mr. Hanbright, likes her. The letter is labelled number 239.
    • Letter - E.C. Schmon to Arthur A. Schmon, 1 May 1919

      Schmon, Eleanore Celeste (2014-10-29)
      A letter from E.C. Schmon to Arthur A. Schmon which discusses her attendance at the Broad Theatre to see the play "Tiger! Tiger!". Mrs. Schmon also discusses an outing with friends. the letter is labelled number 269.
    • Letter - E.C. Schmon to Arthur A. Schmon, 10 & 12 January 1920

      Schmon, Eleanore Celeste (2014-11-05)
      The letter discusses fish that needs to be sold by the couple, but no one is interested because the fish is mostly bone and skin. The second letter mentions they have been married for five months. The first letters are labelled numbers 96 and 97.
    • Letter - E.C. Schmon to Arthur A. Schmon, 10 April 1920

      Schmon, Eleanore Celeste (2014-11-05)
      The letter discusses Arthur's "dandy cruise in the woods. Two hundred miles-" She also mentions that the couple has been married for eight months, but have only lived together two and half months. She talks about a train strike and states "the Pennsylvania trains stopped running yesterday and this morning all ferry boats." She mentions that the trolleys may stop running too. The price of food has increased as a result.
    • Letter - E.C. Schmon to Arthur A. Schmon, 10 August

      Schmon, Eleanore Celeste (2014-10-30)
      The letter discusses that this is to be the day that Arthur will be told of his commissions.