• Letter - E.C. Schmon to Arthur A. Schmon, 31 May 1918

      Schmon, Eleanore Celeste (2014-11-12)
      The letter reads: " Darling Artie, I have just been reading the war news and Oh! how terribly discouraging it is. This mornings paper says the allies have yieldes on a forty-mile front, that Soissons had been taken by the Germans and Rheims is in grave peril and may fall at any moment. And think - only the third day of the new drive, too. I know that everything will end all right, but it surely has an awful affect on you, to read these reports. Of course no one knows, but it is the opinion of people in military circles here, that the war will last two years more at least; and in all probability five or six. Cheerful prospects. Yes? So you see, Artie dear, that you must come home on a leave, the very first opportunity you have. Understand? I am going down to Red Cross now, to do a little work. Tonight Mrs. Mizger, Doris and the two Braun girls are coming down. They want to see the rest of the pretty things that are in our sacred chest, and I just love to them, too. There are days when I have them out three or four times and I picture each thing in our little nest - after the war is over - - (Joy!!) Au revoir, honey-bunch boy. All the love, hugs and kisses that you desire. Always your, Wifie. P.S. And still no mail. Boo! Hoo! L."