• Christmas Card

      Schmon, Eleanore Celeste (2014-10-30)
    • Chtistmas Card

      Schmon, Eleanore Celeste (2014-10-29)
      A Christmas card that reads: "Christmas Greetings to my Daddy. Just a little Christmas card that will tell you, Daddy dear, I will give you all my love, And be your good child all the year!". Eleanore Celeste often refers to Arthur as "Daddy" and she signs the card with her nickname "Bubbles.
    • Letter - E.C. Schmon to Arthur A. Schmon, 25 December

      Schmon, Eleanore Celeste (2014-11-13)
      Eleanore Celeste received a book from Arthur for Christmas, entitled "The Ruling Passion" by Henry Van Dyke. This appears to be early in their relationship because she signs the letter "Celeste".