• Photograph - Log cutting

      A photograph with a male dressed in a shirt and bow-tie cutting a log and two other men in suits standing on either side of the log. They are surrounded by a large crowd.
    • Menu - Hotel des Reservoirs Versailles

      Hotel des Reservoirs
      A menu from the Hotel Des Reservoirs with the date 9 June. There are some handwritten comments that include "Versailles" and "Note: One wing of this hotel occupied by German delegates to Peace Conference".
    • Care and Preservation of Artillery Material, 1917

      A manual instructing on the "Care and Preservation of Artillery Material" from the Field Artillery School of Instruction (Saumur). The name of Arthur A. Schmon is handwritten across the front cover.
    • School of the Battery Commander, November 1917

      A book from the School of Battery Commander which is an instruction manual for field artillery. The chapters are titled: Chapter 1 - Definitions, Chapter 2 - The Trajectory, Chapter 3 - Dispersion, Chapter 4 - Use of the "Plan Directeur" or the Map for the Preparation of Fire,
    • Der Brummer, 1918

      Berlin : Verlag der "Lustige Blätter", 1914-, 1918
      A german magazine/newspaper called "Der Brummer". The edition is numbered 217 and is from the year 1918.
    • Journal of Cantigny Operations, 28 May 1918

      A "journal of Cantigny operations" starting at 12:15 a.m. May 28th through May 30th. The final entry reads: "May 30th: Colonel Holbrook reports that the Germans started another Counter Attack about 3:30A.M. that the first wave got through our barrage, but did not reach our lines and that the second wave was destroyed by our barrage."
    • Map - Plan of Attack of a Iagdkommaudo west of Cantigny, 27 May 1918

      A map titled "Plan of Attack of a Iagdkommaudo west of Cantigny on 27 May 1918. There are two sketches and the legend indicates that sketch no. 1 is "Firing until 7A.M." and sketch no. 2 is "Firing after 7A.M."
    • Interrogation of Prisoner - Heaquarters 1st Division, American Expeditionary Forces, 27 May 1918

      A prisoner interrogation report dated 27 May 1918. The report reads: "I. PRISONER X. 1st. Battalion, 272 Res. Rogt., 82d Res. 1. CIRCUMSTANCES OF CAPTURE; Captured, while attempting to raid our trenches, at point 1719 at about 7A.M. 2. INFORMATION OBTAINED FROM PRISONER (a) Between point 1814 and point 175242 the German trenches appear to be held by three companies, each numbering 3 platoons, each platoon numbering about 40 men. Each company has 4 light machine guns in the first lines, these machine guns distributed along the first trench (one of them in particular is located at bond in hostile trench at point 17215 and another at about 17245. Each company, furthermore, has one platoon (weak in numbers) in support in the ravine north of Cantigny. These platoons are in dugouts dug into the side of the hill approximately between points 28215 and 2223. Each of these support platoons has two light machine guns at its disposal. Company commanders dugout is at some point along the line of dugouts occupied by the support platoons. Another company commander's dugout (Co.3) is at point 1815 about 15 meters behind the German trench which runs along the edge of the town of Cantigny. There is a communication trench between the cemetery at 2018 and the front line at 18179. It is believed that there is a machine gun at point 17245 kept in a dugout dug under the road. The reserve battalion is believed to be at a fairly great distance from the front (near Bouillancourt). The prisoner, on the other hand, states that it may have been moved up."
    • Map - Probable Order of Battle

      A map titled "Probable Order of Battle" and dated 28 May 1918. The map is of the Montdidier district and has handwritten notations for the Battle of Cantigny written by the 1st Battalion, Fifth Field Artillery, American Expeditionary Forces, France.
    • First Field Artillery Brigade Observer, 22 June 1918

      An issue of the First Field Artillery Brigade Observer, 22 June 1918, no.5. The report describes several raids, including "the Austrians, under orders from the Kaiser and with the object of putting new enthusiasm into their disheartened people, launched a big offensive, which the Italians have handled to date masterfully."
    • First Field Artillery Brigade Observer, 1 July 1918

      The report mentions that General Pershing presented Distinguished Service Crosses to soldiers in the First Field Artillery Brigade. It also describes a Sergeant and 3 men finding an enemy soldier asleep with a machine gun. They brought him back to the American lines. Also included is a list of destruction that took place over the the last three days.
    • Illustration from the First Field Artillery Brigade Observer

      Butler, Alban B. Jr. (1918-07-04)
      A cartoon by Alban B. Butler (signed), titled "National Salute" and dated 4 July 1918. The illustration shows officers loading a canon and firing.
    • The Van-Guard (poem)

      Calley, Donald M. (1918-08)
      A poem "written at the front in memory of comrades fallen in action while fighting with the First Battalion of the 5th Field Artillery". The final verse of the poem reads, "But the van-guard on before you, who you follow as is meet, They're the lads you left behind you With the poppies and the wheat!"
    • Memorandum - Report on operations of 1st Division against St. Mihiel Salient, 1918

      King, Campbell; Summerall, Major General (1918-09-21)
      A memorandum describing the days leading up to the Battle of Saint-Mihiel. The document describes 1. Statement of Operation, 2. Character of Terrain, 3. Initial Dispositions, 4. Suitability of Formations, 5. How such formations were, or could have been, best adapted to meet the changing conditions of combat and terrain, 6. Employment of Infantry Weapons, 7. Artillery Support, 8. Passage of Obstacles, 9. Passage of Lines, 10. Destruction of Opposition, 11. Fighting in Intermediate Zone, 12. Organization of Ground, 13. Liaison, 14. General Observations.
    • General Orders No. 61, 24 September 1918

      Thornton, S.G. (1918-09-24)
      General Orders, dated 24 September 1918, includes telegram messages received by the Corps Commander. The telegrams quoted include one from Woodrow Wilson and Major General Summerall. Both are messages of congratulations and praise.
    • Report of Operations in Mouzon Area, 1918

      A report on the operations in Mouzon starting October 12 through November 6th. The attack took place November 6th according to the report. Also included is a list of prisoners from enemy units.
    • Map - Plan of Organization of Conquered Position

      A map titled "Plan of Organization of Conquered Position". There is a legend at the top right that reads: "Parallel of Surveillance, Parallel of Resistance, Parallel of the Redoubts, Limit between Bns., Final Objective, Final Line after Counter Attack." The map is dated 17 December 1918
    • Map - Plan of Operation against Cantigny

      A map titled "Plan of Operation against Cantigny" and dated 17 December 1918.
    • General Orders, 28 February 1919

      Pershing, General John J. (1919-02-28)
      A letter from General John J. Pershing to his "fellow soldiers" as service comes to an end. He thanks the soldiers for their "splendid service to the army and to the nation".
    • Map - First Division Sector Coblenz - Bridghead

      A large map titled "Map of First Division Sector Coblenz-Bridgehead" dated 8 May 1919. The map is hand drawn.