Arthur Albert Schmon was born in 1895 in Newark, New Jersey. During his studies at Barringer High School in Newark, he met Eleanore Celeste Reynolds who was to become his wife in August of 1919. Mr. Schmon studied English literature at Princeton and graduated with honours in 1917. That same year, Mr. Schmon joined the United States Army where he served under Colonel McCormick as an adjutant in field artillery in World War I. In 1919, he was discharged as a captain. Colonel McCormick (editor and publisher of the Chicago Tribune) offered Schmon a job in his Shelter Bay pulpwood operations. Mr. Schmon accepted the challenge of working at this lonely outpost on the lower St. Lawrence River. Schmon was promoted to Woodlands Manager in 1923. In 1930, he became the General Manager. This was expected to be a seasonal operation but the construction of the mill led to the building of a town (Baie Comeau) and its power development. All of this was accomplished under Schmon’s leadership. In 1933, he was elected the President and General Manager of the Ontario Paper Company. He later became the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Arthur Schmon made his home in St. Catharines where he played an active role in the community. Schmon was a member of the Founders’ Committee at Brock University and he was a primary force behind the establishment of a University in the Niagara Region. The Brock University Tower is named after him. He also served as Chairman of the St. Catharines Hospital Board of Governors for over 15 years, and was responsible for guiding the hospital through a 3 million dollar expansion program. He was a Governor of Ridley College and an Honorary Governor of McMaster University in Hamilton. Mr. Schmon died of lung cancer on March 18, 1964.

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Recent Submissions

  • Photograph - Log cutting 

    Unknown author ()
    A photograph with a male dressed in a shirt and bow-tie cutting a log and two other men in suits standing on either side of the log. They are surrounded by a large crowd.
  • Map - First Division Sector Coblenz - Bridghead 

    Unknown author (1919-05-08)
    A large map titled "Map of First Division Sector Coblenz-Bridgehead" dated 8 May 1919. The map is hand drawn.
  • Map - Plan of Operation against Cantigny 

    Unknown author (1918-12-17)
    A map titled "Plan of Operation against Cantigny" and dated 17 December 1918.
  • Map - Probable Order of Battle 

    Unknown author (1918-05-28)
    A map titled "Probable Order of Battle" and dated 28 May 1918. The map is of the Montdidier district and has handwritten notations for the Battle of Cantigny written by the 1st Battalion, Fifth Field Artillery, American ...
  • Map - Plan of Organization of Conquered Position 

    Unknown author (1918-12-17)
    A map titled "Plan of Organization of Conquered Position". There is a legend at the top right that reads: "Parallel of Surveillance, Parallel of Resistance, Parallel of the Redoubts, Limit between Bns., Final Objective, ...
  • Der Brummer, 1918 

    Unknown author (Berlin : Verlag der "Lustige Blätter", 1914-, 1918)
    A german magazine/newspaper called "Der Brummer". The edition is numbered 217 and is from the year 1918.
  • Map - Principaute de Monaco 

    Guide Nice-Bijou (n.d.)
    A map of Monaco with legend of fifty locations.
  • Photograph - Baie Comeau, Panorama View 

    Associated Screen News Limited (circa 1936)
    A panoramic view of Baie Comeau, showing the entire site. The photograph has been cut in half and folded. The caption reads "Panorama taken from water tank showing millsite, paper warehouse, temporary townsite to left. ...
  • Photograph - Baie Comeau, Railway line 

    Associated Screen News Limited (circa 1936)
    A photograph with the caption "Railway line, on trestle, immediately behind millsite".
  • Photograph - Baie Comeau, Unloading Ship 

    Associated Screen News Limited (circa 1936)
    A photograph of the ship called "Shelter Bay" as it sits for unloading at the main wharf.
  • Photograph - Baie Comeau, Dam at Lake LaChasse 

    Associated Screen News Limited (circa 1936)
    A photograph of the construction of the dam at Lake LaChasse.
  • Photograph - Baie Comeau, Blasting Rock 

    Associated Screen News Limited (circa 1936)
    A photograph of the construction at Baie Comeau, with the caption "'Sinking' dynamite for blast in rock immediately behind temporary staff house."
  • Photograph - Baie Comeau, Paper Store House Construction 

    Associated Screen News Limited (circa 1936)
    A photograph at Baie Comeau with the caption "Cement hoist at work on paper store house construction".
  • Photograph - Baie Comeau, LaChasse Dam 

    Associated Screen News Limited (circa 1936)
    A photograph with the caption, "LaChasse dam looking from river to Lake LaChasse".
  • Photograph - Baie Comeau, Last Railway Spike 

    Associated Screen News Limited (circa 1936)
    A photograph of the "last spike in the Baie Comeau railway. Photo shows, left to right; A.I.Cunningham, managing engineer of the Ontario Paper Company driving the spike: V.G. Younghusband, vice president of the Foundation ...
  • Photograph - Baie Comeau, Administrative Building, etc. 

    Associated Screen News Limited (circa 1936)
    A photograph of the Administrative Buidling, staff dining room and cement sewer as construction continues at Baie Comeau.
  • Photograph - Baie Comeau, welding railway line 

    Associated Screen News Limited (circa 1936)
    A photograph of men working to weld the railway line at Baie Comeau. The caption reads, "Welding railway line as rails joined immediately behind the temporary staff house".
  • Illustration from the First Field Artillery Brigade Observer 

    Butler, Alban B. Jr. (1918-07-04)
    A cartoon by Alban B. Butler (signed), titled "National Salute" and dated 4 July 1918. The illustration shows officers loading a canon and firing.
  • First Field Artillery Brigade Observer, 1 July 1918 

    Unknown author (1918-07-01)
    The report mentions that General Pershing presented Distinguished Service Crosses to soldiers in the First Field Artillery Brigade. It also describes a Sergeant and 3 men finding an enemy soldier asleep with a machine ...
  • First Field Artillery Brigade Observer, 22 June 1918 

    Unknown author (1918-06-22)
    An issue of the First Field Artillery Brigade Observer, 22 June 1918, no.5. The report describes several raids, including "the Austrians, under orders from the Kaiser and with the object of putting new enthusiasm into ...

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