• The Evening Journal (St. Catharines), 2 July 1903

      An issue of The Evening Journal, 2 July 1903. This issue includes: "Water Commission and Cataract Co'y", "At the Altar", "Ferocious Tramps", "Russia to the U.S.", "Lord Strathcona", "The Weather", "Women's Institute Meetings", "Ousting Jamaica Fruit", "Lord Mondon Married", "Will Not Receive Deputation", "Canadian Received Degree", "Lord Celville Dead", "Athletics Win at Toronto", "Native Shrubbery", "Old Boys at Toronto", "China is Hard Up", "Basin Mills' Eruption", "Our Young Girls", "A Government Road", "Discussions in Parliament", "Disaster at Hanna", etc.
    • The Evening Journal (St. Catharines), 22 June 1910

      An issue of The Evening Journal (St. Catharines), 22 June 1910. This issue includes: "St. Catharines Knights in Great Buffalo Pageant", "Airship Carried 20 Passengers", "Sixteen People Hurled 60 feet", "Each Day Sees Changes During Last Exciting Days", "Re-Finance Traction Company", "Dastardly Attempt on Church", "Manitoba Town in a Cyclone", "McGarry Third to So Die in Same Room", "Death of John A. Simson", "Will Buy Lot for Port Camp", "Foster Hammered at Borden's Trenton Meeting", "Accident to Mr. S.D. Furminger", "Police After Auto Speeders", "A Local Man Peached on 'Belle'", Advertisements, News of Neighboring Towns, Telegraph Briefs, "Combined Ages Reach 565 Years", "World's Debt to Canada", "Work Started on New Factory", "Two Cousins Hanged Same Day", "The Romance of Michael Trevail", and more.
    • The Evening Star (St. Catharines)partial issue, 6 September 1902

      A partial issue of The Evening Star, 6 September 1902. Included in this issue: "The Judges Appointed", "Caught the Wrong Man", "Miners' Terrible Condition", "Fame for Our Bowlers", "Engineer Hobson is Pleased", "What Makes the Home?", "'Le Voyage en Suisse'", "The Trouble Settled", "News in a Nutshell", "Mortgage Sale of Valuable City Property", "Thorold Topics", "An Amateur Match", "Married in India", "How it Feels to be Struck by Lightning", "Interviewed by the Mayor", "The Churches To-Morrow", "St. Catharines to New York in 13 Hours", "Borneo's Dangerous Baboons", "Purely Personal", etc.
    • Family History, Genealogy Charts and Biographical Research

      A collection of research materials for the Smith-McCordick family genealogy. Included are family charts, Federal Census results, and photographs.
    • Letter - Al and Grace Page to Col. and Mrs. McCordick, 11 May 1961

      Page, Al (1961-05-11)
      A letter from Al and Grace Page to Col. and Mrs. McCordick, 11 May 1961. The letter reads: "1 1/2 Berryman Avenue Dear Col and Mrs. McCordick: Grace and I wish to thank you for the lovely time we had at your dinner party on Friday evening. We both appreciate your thoughtfulness in inviting us to meet General and Mrs. Plow in your home. It gave us the opportunity of getting acquainted with them before the week-end activities commenced. Also on behalf of the Regiment, I wish to thank you for your kindness in having General and Mrs. Plow as your house guests for this past week-end. Once again, many thanks for your kindness to Grace and me. Sincerely Al and Grace Page May 11, 1961"
    • Letter - Guy Simonds to Frank and Helen McCordick, 5 December 1956

      Simonds, Guy (1956-12-05)
      A letter from Guy Simonds to Frank and Helen McCordick, 5 December 1956. Simonds discusses a recent stay with the McCordicks, "I enjoyed the whole trip and the chance of seeing some old friends and meeting so many nice people."
    • Letter - Lieut A. Watson Sime to Col. F.C. McCordick

      Watson Sime, Lieut. A. (2014-05-21)
      A letter from Lieut. A. Watson to Col. F.C. McCordick dated only July 3rd. The letter reads "My dear Col. McCordick, If you haven't already heard, you will be surprised to get this letter from me - in Germany. It happened at that awful slaughter - the 3rd battle of Ypres, & even now when I think of it all, I doubt my reality of existence. Everything was O.K at 730am on the 2nd - a little morning hate in the way of trench mortars, that was all. I had just visited a few of my guns & had passed Gen.s Mercer & Williams & their aides, Lyman Gooderham and Fraser (two latter at this camp) on the way to the -- C.M.R Bn. Head Quarters when the storm broke. It last for 5 hours & by the time the Germans came over there were few left to oppose them. By a miracle, the 15 yard bay of the front line, where I was with 6 others, was not levelled like all the rest of the line & we did our best with rifle & bomb. I got a crack on the head & 3 hours later I found myself in a waterfilled shell hole. By night I tried to crawl back & through, but at dawn was caught. Am very comfortable here & glad to have company of Col. Usher, Capt. Light Bourne, Capt. Frank Park M.O. -- CMR) & about 20 other Canadians. Hope all is well with you & 35 - Good luck & best regards to all. A. Watson Sime, Lieut. Haus 62-B OFFIZIER-KRIEGSGEFANGENLAGER Gutersloh.
    • Photograph - Col. Frank C. McCordick

      Rembrandt Studio (2014-05-21)
    • Programs from the 11th, 12th, and 16th Pilgrimage of Remembrance

      The Thirty-Fifth Battalion Association and Ladies' Auxiliary (1935-08-09)
      Programs from the 11th, 12th and sixteenth Pilgrimage of Remembrance by the Thirty-Fifth Battalion Association and Ladies' Auxiliary