• Canadian Army Certificate of Service

      Laurin, Colonel (2014-06-05)
    • Certificate of Honour

      City of St. Catharines; MacDonald, W.J. (2014-06-05)
    • Certificate of Ownership of One Share of the Capital Stock of F.C. McCordick Leathers Limited

      A certificate of Share of the Capital Stock of F.C. McCordick Leathers Limited.
    • Certificate of Service

      Canadian Expeditionary Force (2014-05-21)
    • Chautauqua Manoeuvre Map - 1915

      Howland, W.F. (2014-05-21)
    • Clipping "Attendance Was largest: Big Throngs Visited Reunion of 35th Battalion Assocation"

      The article discusses "the 11th annual memorial services that were held under the auspices of the 35th Battalion (C.E.F.) Association and as a result they were most successful in every way".
    • Clipping "City Cleric Named Bishop of Kootenay"

      A clipping titled "City Cleric Named Bishop of Kootenay" n.d. The article mentions "Rev. Philip Beattie, dean and rector of Victoria's Christ Church Cathedral since 1952, has been elected Bishop of the Diocese of Kootenay". The article goes on to say that Rev. Beattie "served from 1943 to 1945 as a chaplain in the RCAF. In 1948 he became rector of St. George's at St. Catharines, Ont., one of the biggest Church of England parishes in the eastern province and one of Canada's oldest churches".
    • Clipping "City Hopes to Buy Tannery Site"

      An newspaper clipping titled "City Hopes to Buy Tannery Site", 12 November 1955. The article mentions that "if this plan materializes, the present site of the company on Chestnut St. will be purchased by the city. The city expects to dismantle the 85-year-old structure, which housed only the McCormick firm, to make way for improved access to the city parking lot behind the store on the south side of St. Paul St." The article also mentions that a new plant may be erected with "an overall area of 20,000 square feet with an additional hide storage area of 5,000 square feet. Cost is estimated in excess of $100,000. The new site is located at Grantham Ave. and Smith St."
    • Clipping "Dr. R.B. Robinson Had distinguished medical career"

      An article clipping called "Dr. R.B. Robinson Had distinguished medical career". The article describes the life of senior surgeon Dr. Robinson.
    • Clipping "Historic Points of Interest in the Niagara District: Knox Presbyterian Church"

      A clipping of an article titled "Historic Points of Interest in the Niagara District: Knox Presbyterian Church". The article describes the founding of the church to its present time (circa 1960s).
    • Clipping "Hitler Had Agents Busy in District"

      A clipping titled "Hitler Had Agents Busy in District", 4 April 1946. The article discusses World War II and how "Hitler had active agents working in Canada sending information to Berlin and 24 of them were working right in St. Catharines, Lt. Col. E. Frank McCordick, who took the 10th Field Battery overseas, last night told a gathering of returned men at a dinner given by Empire Lodge, I.O.O.F.".
    • Clipping "Manufacturers trace roots more than 100 years", St. Catharines Standard

      Paskey, Janice (n.d.)
      A clipping from the St. Catharines Standard, "Manufacturers trace roots more than 100 years", n.d. The article discusses four manufacturing firms and their 100 year histories: McKinnon and Co., Canada Hair Cloth Ltd., McCordick Leathers, Lord and Burnham Co..
    • Clipping "Philip Beattie" The Standard, 12 September 1960

      A clipping of an article/obituary for Philip Beattie. The article mentions the late Bishop of Kootenay's time in St. Catharines, Ontario.
    • Clipping "St. Julien Day Service Attended by 13 Former 10th Battery Commanders"

      A clipping from The St. Catharines Standard about the St. Julien Day service which was "attended by 13 Former 10th Battery Commanders". There is an image including eleven of those commanders: Lt. Col. John H. Roberts, O.B.E., M.C., V.D.; Brig. F.D. Lace, D.S.O., O.B.E., E.D.; Gen. H.D.G. Crerar, C.H., C.B., D.S.O., Maj. John H. O'Flynn, Lt. Col. R.F. Baker, D.C.M., Maj. O.S. Boase, Mr. R.S. Cockburn, Lt. Col. C.R. Harrington, Lt. Col.E.H. Lancaster, E.D.; Lt. Col. E.F. McCordick, O.B.E., E.D.; and Maj. G.A. Rutherford.
    • Clipping "The Retiring Mayor"

      A clipping from The St. Catharines Standard, 17 December 1931 titled "The Retiring Mayor". The article is written to the Editor by D. Butticci and praises the work of retiring Mayor Col. F.C. McCordick. The end of the article reads "The Mayor has been a fine personality, intelligent and respectable, giving to all who have met him a feeling of good-will and an influence of honor."
    • Clipping "To the Editor - The Mayorality"

      Ratepayer (n.d.)
      A clipping titled "To the Editor - The Mayorality" n.d., it reads: "Editor The Standard. Sir: This city has been fortunate for the past two years in having a particularly strong and capable Mayor. But from the three candidates at present in the field the coming year will be sadly different. Neither of the ex-Mayors now offering showed any outstanding ability while in office, one of them for that matter was particularly weak. Alderman Avery claims two terms as alderman to his credit. In this he is mistaken for his first year (1920) was to his discredit. St. Catharines needs strong and safe leadership for 1932 and this is no time for nonsense. Ratepayer".
    • Clipping "Welcome Home! Lt. Col. Frank McCordick"

      A clipping about Lt. Col. Frank McCordick, Liberal candidate for Lincoln in the Dominion Election. The clipping includes "facts which qualify Col. McCordick to serve as your member of Parliament."
    • Communion Certificate - Helen Stanley Smith, 1919

      Knox Presbyterian Church (2014-05-23)
    • "Decoration Day Service Held at Port" - 14 June 1948 St. Catharines Standard

      An article titled "Decoration Day Service Held at Port" from the St. Catharines Standard, 14 June 1948. The article mentions that the main speaker is Lieut. Col. F.C. McCordick. There are also photographs of Reeve R. K. Ross laying a wreath at theCenotaph, Lt. Col. McCordick during his speech and Port Dalhousie veterans during the parade.