• "Decoration Day Service Held at Port" - 14 June 1948 St. Catharines Standard

      An article titled "Decoration Day Service Held at Port" from the St. Catharines Standard, 14 June 1948. The article mentions that the main speaker is Lieut. Col. F.C. McCordick. There are also photographs of Reeve R. K. Ross laying a wreath at theCenotaph, Lt. Col. McCordick during his speech and Port Dalhousie veterans during the parade.
    • Toronto Daily News (partial issue) 26 May 1917

      A partial issue of The Toronto Daily News, 26 May 1917. The issue features a pictorial section called "Pictures Reminiscent of the Early Days of the War". Lieut. Col. F.C. McCordick C.O. 35th Battalion is featured in one of the images. There are several other photographs of the 35th Battalion. There is also a page dedicated to "Headlights of the Canada's Railway World".