• Letter - Al and Grace Page to Col. and Mrs. McCordick, 11 May 1961

      Page, Al (1961-05-11)
      A letter from Al and Grace Page to Col. and Mrs. McCordick, 11 May 1961. The letter reads: "1 1/2 Berryman Avenue Dear Col and Mrs. McCordick: Grace and I wish to thank you for the lovely time we had at your dinner party on Friday evening. We both appreciate your thoughtfulness in inviting us to meet General and Mrs. Plow in your home. It gave us the opportunity of getting acquainted with them before the week-end activities commenced. Also on behalf of the Regiment, I wish to thank you for your kindness in having General and Mrs. Plow as your house guests for this past week-end. Once again, many thanks for your kindness to Grace and me. Sincerely Al and Grace Page May 11, 1961"
    • Letter - Guy Simonds to Frank and Helen McCordick, 5 December 1956

      Simonds, Guy (1956-12-05)
      A letter from Guy Simonds to Frank and Helen McCordick, 5 December 1956. Simonds discusses a recent stay with the McCordicks, "I enjoyed the whole trip and the chance of seeing some old friends and meeting so many nice people."
    • Wedding Invitations

      A collection of wedding invitations that include: Ethel Margaret to Mr. Colin Morris Ardagh Strathy, August 24, 1935 / Mary Elizabeth to Mr. Ronald Wallace Kimber, September 3, 1957 / Jane Ripley to Dr. Robert John Richardson, June 8, 1957 / Trinka to Mr. John De Haan, May 7, 1957 / Janet Chaplin to Dr. Peter Murray Heywood, July 7, 1951 / Elizabeth Hamilton to Mr. David MacKay Rogers, November 12, 1955 / Shiela Ann to Mr. Robert Alexander Beggs, October 1, 1955 / Judith louise to Mr. Robin Christopher Armstrong, September 10, 1955 / Deborah Marion to Mr. Ross Ward Emmans, October 4, 1952 / June Darling to Mr. John Roland Gregory, October 13, 1956 / Janet Elizabeth to Mr. David George Sweny, May 16, 1953 / Barbara Ann to Mr. Geoffrey Francis Brooks, September 11, 1954 / Sheila Ann Smith to Mr. John Lavelle Shortly, June 17, 1953 / Mary Caroline to Mr. Frederick James Hamilton Marsh, April 9, 1955 / Leonard J. Birchall to Elizabeth A. Robertson, May 1, 1976 / Gertrude Bessie Dyas to Stanley Reginald Wilkins, February 21, 1925-1975