• The Evening Star (St. Catharines)partial issue, 6 September 1902

      A partial issue of The Evening Star, 6 September 1902. Included in this issue: "The Judges Appointed", "Caught the Wrong Man", "Miners' Terrible Condition", "Fame for Our Bowlers", "Engineer Hobson is Pleased", "What Makes the Home?", "'Le Voyage en Suisse'", "The Trouble Settled", "News in a Nutshell", "Mortgage Sale of Valuable City Property", "Thorold Topics", "An Amateur Match", "Married in India", "How it Feels to be Struck by Lightning", "Interviewed by the Mayor", "The Churches To-Morrow", "St. Catharines to New York in 13 Hours", "Borneo's Dangerous Baboons", "Purely Personal", etc.
    • The Evening Journal (St. Catharines), 2 July 1903

      An issue of The Evening Journal, 2 July 1903. This issue includes: "Water Commission and Cataract Co'y", "At the Altar", "Ferocious Tramps", "Russia to the U.S.", "Lord Strathcona", "The Weather", "Women's Institute Meetings", "Ousting Jamaica Fruit", "Lord Mondon Married", "Will Not Receive Deputation", "Canadian Received Degree", "Lord Celville Dead", "Athletics Win at Toronto", "Native Shrubbery", "Old Boys at Toronto", "China is Hard Up", "Basin Mills' Eruption", "Our Young Girls", "A Government Road", "Discussions in Parliament", "Disaster at Hanna", etc.
    • The Thorold Post, 7 August 1908

      An issue of the Thorold Post, 7 August 1908. This issue includes: "Broken in Health: Dr. Williams' Pink Pills Restored After Medical Treatment had failed", "Sad Death of T.E. Simson", "The Houseboat Party", "Town of Thorold: One of the Favored Spots of Canada", "In the Queen's Park: Some Unvisited Places in the Parliament Buildings", "The Outsiders", "I Have Drank My Last Glass", "Never Despair", "The Mountain Town Has Its Innings".
    • The Evening Journal (St. Catharines), 22 June 1910

      An issue of The Evening Journal (St. Catharines), 22 June 1910. This issue includes: "St. Catharines Knights in Great Buffalo Pageant", "Airship Carried 20 Passengers", "Sixteen People Hurled 60 feet", "Each Day Sees Changes During Last Exciting Days", "Re-Finance Traction Company", "Dastardly Attempt on Church", "Manitoba Town in a Cyclone", "McGarry Third to So Die in Same Room", "Death of John A. Simson", "Will Buy Lot for Port Camp", "Foster Hammered at Borden's Trenton Meeting", "Accident to Mr. S.D. Furminger", "Police After Auto Speeders", "A Local Man Peached on 'Belle'", Advertisements, News of Neighboring Towns, Telegraph Briefs, "Combined Ages Reach 565 Years", "World's Debt to Canada", "Work Started on New Factory", "Two Cousins Hanged Same Day", "The Romance of Michael Trevail", and more.
    • The Thorold Post, 24 June 1910

      An issue of The Thorold Post, 24 June 1910. This issue includes: "Contract Closed for Great News Service", "Wedding at South Milwaukee", "A Happy Event", "A Clergyman Defends the King", "Death of J.A. Simson", "Bright Little Ones Make Home Bright", "Town of Thorold: One of the Favored Spots of Canada", "A Tragedy of 1814", "Canada's First Club", "The King's Surgeon" Story of an Escape From the Guillotine During the French Revolution", "The Order to Fire" A Young Union Officer Shrinks From Obeying it", "An Ambitious Musician", "Boer Girl in Canada".
    • Toronto Daily News (partial issue) 26 May 1917

      A partial issue of The Toronto Daily News, 26 May 1917. The issue features a pictorial section called "Pictures Reminiscent of the Early Days of the War". Lieut. Col. F.C. McCordick C.O. 35th Battalion is featured in one of the images. There are several other photographs of the 35th Battalion. There is also a page dedicated to "Headlights of the Canada's Railway World".
    • The Varsity: The Undergraduate Newspaper

      University of Toronto (1925-12-04)
      An issue of The Varsity: The Undergraduate Newspaper, 4 December 1925. This issue includes: "Carman States Poetry to be Spiritual Record", "Yale War Memorial in Form of Colonnade", "T. L. Church, M.P., Demands Investigation of University", "McInnes Will Lead Sunday Sing-Song", "Mission Students Bring Dr. Stauffer to Address Meeting", "Hart House Sleepers Ruined by Insidious Indolent Habits", "Liberal Party was Poorly Organized in Last Election", "University College Debating Team Win First Interfaculty Debate in Wordy Battle With St. Mikes", "Mr. Hoffman Completes Lectures at University", "Whole Boar Eaten in Six Course Dinner", "Room for Varsity Men in Business Paper Field", "The Evening Telegram Comes Perilously Close to Treason!", "Champus Cat", "The Spirit of the Age", "VIC Basketball Team Leaves for Brantford", "Victoria Softball Team", "Hockey Squad Confident of Success at London To-Night", "Dents Defeat Vic and Win Soccer Championship", "Swimming Meet at Hart House", "JR U.C. and SR. Meds Meet in Water Polo Next Week", "U.T. S. Plays Sarnia Collegiate Saturday", "Dents Play VIC in Soccer To-Day", "Whole Boar Eaten in Six Course Dinner", "Hockey Squad Confident of Success at London", "Yale War Memorial in Form of Colonnade", "Swimming Meet at Hart House To-Night", "Liberal Party was Poorly Organized", "Shop Around the World".
    • Clipping "The Retiring Mayor"

      A clipping from The St. Catharines Standard, 17 December 1931 titled "The Retiring Mayor". The article is written to the Editor by D. Butticci and praises the work of retiring Mayor Col. F.C. McCordick. The end of the article reads "The Mayor has been a fine personality, intelligent and respectable, giving to all who have met him a feeling of good-will and an influence of honor."
    • Dr. A. R. Lindsay Scripts, 1932

      Lindsay, A.R. (1932)
      Scripts from the office of Dr. A.R. Lindsay for baby McCordick. The scripts describe food preparation and schedules for baby.
    • Wedding Invitations

      A collection of wedding invitations that include: Ethel Margaret to Mr. Colin Morris Ardagh Strathy, August 24, 1935 / Mary Elizabeth to Mr. Ronald Wallace Kimber, September 3, 1957 / Jane Ripley to Dr. Robert John Richardson, June 8, 1957 / Trinka to Mr. John De Haan, May 7, 1957 / Janet Chaplin to Dr. Peter Murray Heywood, July 7, 1951 / Elizabeth Hamilton to Mr. David MacKay Rogers, November 12, 1955 / Shiela Ann to Mr. Robert Alexander Beggs, October 1, 1955 / Judith louise to Mr. Robin Christopher Armstrong, September 10, 1955 / Deborah Marion to Mr. Ross Ward Emmans, October 4, 1952 / June Darling to Mr. John Roland Gregory, October 13, 1956 / Janet Elizabeth to Mr. David George Sweny, May 16, 1953 / Barbara Ann to Mr. Geoffrey Francis Brooks, September 11, 1954 / Sheila Ann Smith to Mr. John Lavelle Shortly, June 17, 1953 / Mary Caroline to Mr. Frederick James Hamilton Marsh, April 9, 1955 / Leonard J. Birchall to Elizabeth A. Robertson, May 1, 1976 / Gertrude Bessie Dyas to Stanley Reginald Wilkins, February 21, 1925-1975
    • Programs from the 11th, 12th, and 16th Pilgrimage of Remembrance

      The Thirty-Fifth Battalion Association and Ladies' Auxiliary (1935-08-09)
      Programs from the 11th, 12th and sixteenth Pilgrimage of Remembrance by the Thirty-Fifth Battalion Association and Ladies' Auxiliary
    • Clipping "Attendance Was largest: Big Throngs Visited Reunion of 35th Battalion Assocation"

      The article discusses "the 11th annual memorial services that were held under the auspices of the 35th Battalion (C.E.F.) Association and as a result they were most successful in every way".
    • Radio transcript of work of the Red Cross Women's Transport Corps during WWII

      McCordick, Helen (1942)
      A radio transcript of an interview with Helen McCordick (wife to Frank McCordick) about the work of the Red Cross Women's Transport Corps during World War II. The work included picking up salvage materials for reuse, transporting blood donors to and from clinics, and the delivery of blood to hospitals across Niagara and the Greater Toronto Area. The Corps were looking to enlist fourteen new recruits.
    • Certificate of Ownership of One Share of the Capital Stock of F.C. McCordick Leathers Limited

      A certificate of Share of the Capital Stock of F.C. McCordick Leathers Limited.
    • Clipping "Hitler Had Agents Busy in District"

      A clipping titled "Hitler Had Agents Busy in District", 4 April 1946. The article discusses World War II and how "Hitler had active agents working in Canada sending information to Berlin and 24 of them were working right in St. Catharines, Lt. Col. E. Frank McCordick, who took the 10th Field Battery overseas, last night told a gathering of returned men at a dinner given by Empire Lodge, I.O.O.F.".
    • Clipping "St. Julien Day Service Attended by 13 Former 10th Battery Commanders"

      A clipping from The St. Catharines Standard about the St. Julien Day service which was "attended by 13 Former 10th Battery Commanders". There is an image including eleven of those commanders: Lt. Col. John H. Roberts, O.B.E., M.C., V.D.; Brig. F.D. Lace, D.S.O., O.B.E., E.D.; Gen. H.D.G. Crerar, C.H., C.B., D.S.O., Maj. John H. O'Flynn, Lt. Col. R.F. Baker, D.C.M., Maj. O.S. Boase, Mr. R.S. Cockburn, Lt. Col. C.R. Harrington, Lt. Col.E.H. Lancaster, E.D.; Lt. Col. E.F. McCordick, O.B.E., E.D.; and Maj. G.A. Rutherford.
    • "Decoration Day Service Held at Port" - 14 June 1948 St. Catharines Standard

      An article titled "Decoration Day Service Held at Port" from the St. Catharines Standard, 14 June 1948. The article mentions that the main speaker is Lieut. Col. F.C. McCordick. There are also photographs of Reeve R. K. Ross laying a wreath at theCenotaph, Lt. Col. McCordick during his speech and Port Dalhousie veterans during the parade.
    • Clipping "City Hopes to Buy Tannery Site"

      An newspaper clipping titled "City Hopes to Buy Tannery Site", 12 November 1955. The article mentions that "if this plan materializes, the present site of the company on Chestnut St. will be purchased by the city. The city expects to dismantle the 85-year-old structure, which housed only the McCormick firm, to make way for improved access to the city parking lot behind the store on the south side of St. Paul St." The article also mentions that a new plant may be erected with "an overall area of 20,000 square feet with an additional hide storage area of 5,000 square feet. Cost is estimated in excess of $100,000. The new site is located at Grantham Ave. and Smith St."
    • Letter - Guy Simonds to Frank and Helen McCordick, 5 December 1956

      Simonds, Guy (1956-12-05)
      A letter from Guy Simonds to Frank and Helen McCordick, 5 December 1956. Simonds discusses a recent stay with the McCordicks, "I enjoyed the whole trip and the chance of seeing some old friends and meeting so many nice people."
    • Clipping "Philip Beattie" The Standard, 12 September 1960

      A clipping of an article/obituary for Philip Beattie. The article mentions the late Bishop of Kootenay's time in St. Catharines, Ontario.