• 1970 Design Presentation

      Pictured here from left to right are Chairman of the Board, Whiting Lathrop, President James Gibson, and Architect Raymond Moriyama during the formal presentation of the $7.7 million MacKenzie Chown Complex project, which at the time was known as the Academic Staging Building or simply East Block.
    • 1970 Spring Convocation Audience View

      View from behind the audience at the 1970 Spring Convocation.
    • 1970 Spring Convocation from the Tower

      The convocation ceremonies taking place on May 26 1970 on the Thistle podium (roof of the Thistle Complex) just west of the tower. For reference, the photographer would be in the Tower facing west.
    • 1970 Spring Graduates

      View from left (south) of the convocation stage during the 1970 Spring Convocation.
    • Alumni Association Cheque Presentation

      Presentation of the Alumni Association cheque at the sod turning ceremonies for the Science Complex in 1982. Pictured here from left to right are: R. Misener, Chancellor; Geoff Borland, president, Alumni Assocation; Ginny Gilbert, Alumni Officer; and Don Bethune, honorary chairman for Alumni Association Fundraising.
    • Bailiff of Guernsey Granted Honourary Degree

      In 1969, Sir William Arnold, Bailiff of Guernsey - the birthplace of Sir Isaac Brock - was invited by Dr. Gibson to come to Canada and visit Brock University on the 200th anniversary of Sir Isaac Brock's birth. While visiting the Bailiff was granted an honourary degree at Brock's first fall convocation on October 6, 1969. The Bailiff is pictured here to the left and Chancellor Charles Sankey to the right. Dr. Gibson can be seen seated in the background.
    • Brock's 25th Spelled Out by Students and Faculty

      Many students and faculty pull together to spell out "Brock 25th" during orientation week '89 in honour of Brock's Silver Jubilee.
    • Bruce Hill and Charles Sankey

      Chancellor Sankey shaking hands with C. Bruce Hill during the Spring 1970 Convocation.
    • Capt. Mellish and Dr. Gibson Holding Ceremonial Tomahawk

      In a special visit to Canada, Captain Michael Mellish of Guernsey - O. B. E. Secretary, A. D. C. to the Lieutenant-Governor, and great nephew of Isaac Brock - donates a photo album containing photographs of a number of Isaac Brock related items to the university in June of 1965. He also brings several of the artifacts themselves to show to the university. The item Capt. Mellish is holding here is a ceremonial wooden tomahawk presented to General Sir Isaac Brock by the native chief Tecumseh. Pictured here from left to right are: Capt. Mellish and Dr. Gibson.
    • Captain Mellish's Visit

      During his visit to Canada in June of 1965, Captain Michael Mellish of Guernsey - O. B. E. Secretary, A. D. C. to the Lieutenant-Governor, and great nephew of Isaac Brock - donated a special photographic album containing various photos of the relics of Sir Isaac Brock. Pictured here from left to right are: Ed Mitchelson and Captain Mellish.
    • Commemorative Stamp Presentation

      Pictured here from left to right are James Hogan, Librarian, and President James Gibson with a set of stamps commerating Sir Isaac Brock that were issued from the Bailiwick of Guernsey in October of 1969.
    • D. G. Willmot at Tower Groundbreaking

      D. G. Willmot addressing the crowd at the Tower groundbreaking ceremony.
    • Don Chapman, one of Brock's first graduates, receives his stole

      Chancellor Richard Hearn confers a bachelor degree upon Don Chapman in 1967. Professor Michael Cardy presents Chapman with his stole.
    • Doris Chown Speaks at Science Complex Opening

      Doris Chown speaking at the Science Complex Opening and the unveiling of a sign in conjunction with the renaming of the Academic Staging Building to the Mackenzie Chown Complex.
    • Dr. Alan Earp Speaks at Science Complex Opening

      Dr. Alan Earp speaks at the opening ceremony for the Science Complex addition in 1984.
    • Dr. Gibson and General Vanier

      Dr. Gibson, General Vanier and another figure at the official opening.
    • Dr. Gibson at the podium

      Dr. Gibson along with D. G. Willmot at the official Tower groundbreaking ceremonies in June of 1965.
    • Dr. Gibson greets the guests

      Dr. Gibson greets the guests at the Tower groundbreaking ceremony June 10, 1965.
    • Dr. Gibson, R.A. Macleod, and Dr. Cecil Shaver at the Science Complex Opening

      Pictured here from left to right are James Gibson, President Emeritus, R. A. Macleod, Board of Trustees, and Dr. Cecil Shaver, former Chancellor, during the 1984 Science Complex opening - an addition to the Mackenzie Chown Complex now simply known as H Block.
    • Fall Convocation 1969 with Chancellor Sankey and Dr. Gibson

      Chancellor Sankey can be seen seated on the left. Dr. Gibson is seated on the right.