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  • Opening address on the first day of classes at Brock University - September 16, 1964

    Gibson, James A. (1964-09-16)
    This is the handwritten opening address by Dr. James A. Gibson - President of Brock University. On 16 September 1964, this speech was given on the first day of classes in the University's history to 130 new students at the Silver Spire Church in St. Catharines, Ontario. A workers strike delayed the completion of the Glenridge Campus. The speech addresses the work done to reach this first day of classes, the work to come, and the aspirations for the young institution.
  • Harrison Hall Opening (January 1999)

    In front of Harrison Hall are several people involved in its opening.
  • Welcoming Ceremony

    A number of Brock's faculty and top administration head for a welcoming ceremony at the beginning of the term in 1966 to welcome new students and give several speeches at the Glenridge Campus.
  • James Allan Breaks Ground for Tower Construction

    James Allan turning the sod while University Marshal for the ceremony, Dr. Edward Mirynech, looks on.
  • Tower Sod Turning

    Pictured here from left to right are D. G. Willmot, James Allan, and Dr. James Gibson as they turn the sod at the Tower groundbreaking ceremony in June of 1965.
  • Tower Groundbreaking

    Dr. Hornyansky, Dr. Gibson, and other distinguished guests at the Brock Tower groundbreaking ceremony at the Decew Campus June 10, 1965.
  • Dr. Gibson at the podium

    Dr. Gibson along with D. G. Willmot at the official Tower groundbreaking ceremonies in June of 1965.
  • James Allan Speech at Tower Ceremony

    Provincial Treasurer, James Allan, speaking at the Tower groundbreaking ceremony.
  • James Allan at the Podium

    James Allan speaks at the Tower groundbreaking ceremony while surrounded with others involved in the event.
  • D. G. Willmot at Tower Groundbreaking

    D. G. Willmot addressing the crowd at the Tower groundbreaking ceremony.
  • Dr. Gibson greets the guests

    Dr. Gibson greets the guests at the Tower groundbreaking ceremony June 10, 1965.
  • Tower Sod Turning Programme

    Programme made for the 1965 Sod Turning Ceremony.
  • Flag Raising

    A large crowd gathers around as a flag is raised.
  • Official Opening Outdoors

    A photograph at the official opening in 1964 either before or after the ceremonies.
  • Motorcade Departs

    Governor General Vanier and his motorcade depart from the official opening ceremony.
  • Official Opening

    Madame Vanier, General Vanier, Dr. Gibson and others at the opening of Brock.
  • Dr. Gibson and General Vanier

    Dr. Gibson, General Vanier and another figure at the official opening.
  • Official Opening Ceremony

    Dr. Gibson addresses the audience at the official opening ceremony at the Glenridge Campus.
  • General Vanier Speaking

    General Vanier is speaking at the podium during the opening of Brock University.
  • Madame Vanier

    Pictured here at the official Brock University opening from left to right are: Madame Vanier, Governor General Vanier (background), and Mayor Ivan Buchanan.

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