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dc.contributor.authorCameron, Chantal
dc.descriptionWilliam Alexander Thomson (1816-1878) was a promoter and developer of railway systems in western Ontario. He incorporated the Fort Erie Railroad Company in 1857, purchased the Erie and Ontario Railroad in 1863, and incorporated the Erie and Niagara Extension Railway Company in 1868 (later renamed the Canada Southern Railway). Thomson was also elected to the House of Commons for Welland in 1872, and re-elected in 1874. He was known for his support of public management of the currency and is seen as a pioneer advocate of government monetary policy. He was also an advocate of radical agrarian economic doctrine, believing that Canadian laws favoured mercantile interests over those of the producers of goods, and that this hindered national development.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe collection includes 2 letters written by William A. Thomson, a letter addressed to William Thomson by Macalester, a letter written by Lavinia Thomson, and a sheet of 40 Erie & Niagara Railway Company bonds.en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseries;RG 491
dc.subjectThomson, William A.en_US
dc.subjectErie and Niagara Railway Company.en_US
dc.subjectGreat Western Railway Company (Canada)en_US
dc.titleErie & Niagara Railway Collection, 1864-1884en_US

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