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dc.contributor.authorCameron, Chantal
dc.descriptionAndrew Bloomfield, and his twin sister Victoria, were born on May 6, 1968 in Auckland, New Zealand. The following year, the family moved to Guelph, Ontario. It became apparent from the time Andrew was 14 months old that he differed considerably from his twin sister, and he was subsequently diagnosed with autism when he was four years old. As a result, he lived away from his family for much of his early life in order to participate in programs for autistic people. Andrew found this very difficult, but also made some significant progress. He became able to relate to and care for his dog, and was able to express his thoughts with Augmentative and Alternative Communication, especially using Supported Typing. His twin sister Victoria was an important person in his life, and her untimely death in a car accident in 1996 devastated him. However, his network of friends and family have provided immense support and helped him build a fulfilling and meaningful life. In 2004 Andrew founded a group of other adult communicators who "type to talk" which he named "Bridges-Over-Barriers". They meet monthly in Guelph and contributed to the 2010 volume with accompanying documentary film on DVD. He lives in his own home in Guelph, guaranteed by a housing trust, and has written several books, including an autobiography, Bridges over Barriers in My Life with Autism.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe collection consists of five books and one music score. Four of the books are authored or edited by Andrew Bloomfield. The titles are In My Mind: Thoughts and Words of Andrew Bloomfield, 2000-2006; Odyssey: ten years of a good whole life in my own home, 2008; Bridges-Over-Barriers: In Our Own Words, 2010; Bridges over Barriers in My Life with Autism, 2011; Creating a Home and Good Life of My Own: Formal agreements developed by Guelph Services for the Autistic in its role as a housing trust, 2012, written by Elizabeth and Gerald Bloomfield; and Bridges Song of Hope, 2012 [music score], composed by Leah Hewitt, with lyrics by Andrew Bloomfield.en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseries;RG 484
dc.subjectBloomfield, Andrewen_US
dc.subjectAutistic people--Biography.en_US
dc.titleAndrew Bloomfield collection, 2006-2012en_US

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