The Hansler family emigrated to Canada from New Jersey around 1780, settling in Thorold Township, Ont. In 1872, Andrew Hansler bought a house in Thorold Township which became known as the Hansler House, and which remained in the family for three generations. The house was sold in 1957 by Doris McClellan Flemington, who inherited the house from her aunt, Jennie Hansler.

Fonds consists of records and other material accumulated by Doris McClellan Flemington during her research as a genealogist. Fonds includes original land documents, other legal and financial documents, correspondence and photographs. Also included are two publications by Doris McClellan Flemington, the first a genealogy of the Mercer family (1997), and the other a history of the Hansler property in Thorold, Ont. (1998).

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