• Focus Group Report

      Report to Terry O'Malley from Tom highlighting favourable responses from a focus group on the "Butter It" campaign.
    • "Gallagher" commercial script

      This script is dated 1996, but may have been reused from a commercial used in 1983.
    • Globe & Mail clipping announces V&B's new client

      This Januayr 19, 1979 clipping from the Globe & Mail announced the successful outcome of the pitch made for the McDonald's Restaurants Ltd. account.
    • How a quarter pounder becomes a quarter pounder

      Print ads featuring the "story" of the Quarter Pounder. The ad highlights the many features of a Quarter Pounder, including the beginning, the middle and the end.
    • I'm Ronald too.

      I'm Ronald too! An ad placed by Vickers & Benson celebrating 10 years of successful partnering with McDonald's Restaurants.
    • Nutrition Campaign

      McDonald's wished to promote the nutritional value of its menu items.
    • Nylon zipper and permanent press fabrics

      An ad extolling the benefits of the Lightning Zephyr nylon zipper. This ad was directed towards the garment industry.
    • Red Book III 1985

      Highlights from the creative rationale presented to McDonald's by Vickers & Benson in 1985. By this time, Vickers & Benson had successfully marketed products for McDonald's Restaurants for six years.
    • Rough draft of the script for "The Swimmer"

      A draft with handwritten notes of "The Swimmer" script for use in the 1984 nutrition campaign.
    • Rough sketch of butter concepts

      "Roughs" of butter concepts, showing a woman preparing peas with butter
    • Rough, tough and dependable

      Some of your customers could care less what kind of zipper they find in their clothes. All they do is give it the roughest workout.
    • The same old line?

      As long as you've got metal zippers in your garments you're selling an old line. Today's fashions are much more demanding. They need what a Lightning Zephyr can give them. Part of the tag line for an ad aimed at the garment industry.
    • Television script for Corn Girl

      Television script for commercial "Corn Girl" featuring the song "Mellow Yellow"
    • Terry Discusses the Creative Process

      O'Malley, Terry (Applied Arts Quarterly, 1990)
      In an article published in Applied Arts Quarterly Terry O'Malley discusses the creative process from concepts to materialization.
    • Terry Fox Marathon of Hope 1980

      In 1980, Terry Fox had to temporarily postpone his Marathon of Hope trek across Canada. Cancer had returned and Terry Fox was undergoing treatment. A huge wave of support existed for his goal to raise awareness and funds in support of cancer research. McDonald's took up the cause and the Terry Fox Run became an annual tradition with their corporate support.
    • Terry introduces the firm

      A letter written by Terry O'Malley introducing the philosophy of the agency.
    • Terry O'Malley as the Boxer

      Vickers & Benson, Terry O'Malley (Vickers & Benson, 2009-02-05)
      Terry steps in front of the camera and portrays "The Boxer" in a commercial for Canadian Breweries "Red Cap Ale" in the 1960s.
    • Terry O'Malley celebrating with Amstel

      Vickers & Benson, Terry O'Malley (Vickers & Benson, 2009-02-05)
      Celebrating the opening of "O'Malley's" with an Amstel Breweries product.
    • Terry O'Malley CV

      Terry O'Malley (2009-02-05)
      Terry O'Malley's curriculum vitae which includes his business experience and accomplishments, dated 1968.