Terry O'Malley donated his professional archives to the James A. Gibson Library in 2003. Terry O'Malley made significant contributions to the field of advertising as creative director and president of Vickers & Benson. The archives reflects his creative efforts and includes not only successes but also rough drafts and sketches of ideas that never made it off the page. Terry O'Malley and the Vickers & Benson team not only promoted commercial products such as beer, fast food, hockey equipment and sporting events, but also promoted national government sponsored events and programs. Enjoy these sample records from the fonds and contact us for more information. The finding aid for the Terry O'Malley Fonds can be located at https://dr.library.brocku.ca/bitstream/handle/10464/2695/Terry%20O%27Malley%20Fonds%20-%20revised%202019%20RG%2072.pdf?
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