• Bill - No. 177 1892

      The Attorney-General (2013-06-05)
      The Act confirming agreement between the Canadian Niagara Power Company and the Queen Victoria Niagara Falls Park Commission. 2nd Session, 7th Legislature, 55 Vict., 1892.
    • Brochure - Hydro Golden Jubilee - (1906-1956) 50 Years of Progress

      The Hydro-Electric Power Commission (2013-06-06)
    • Fourth Annual Report of The Electric Development Company of Ontario Limited For the Year Ending 31st December, 1906

      Nicholls, Frederic (2013-06-05)
      Fourth Annual Report of The Electrical Development Company of Ontario Limited for for the year 1906. The report discusses the main line between Niagara Falls and Toronto and the line between the Township of Pelham and the city of Brantford. The report also details the purchase of stocks and bonds in several different companies.
    • Letter - A. Monro Grier to W.B. Rankine, 20 March 1902

      Grier, A. Monro (2013-05-31)
      A letter from A. M. Grier to W.B. Rankine referencing the purchase of granite for the "Tunnel Portal Lining". Grier discusses the purchase of granite with MacIntosh Granite and Marble Company for Stanstead Granite. Grier also discusses a wire sent to a Mr. Brock in regards to the purchase and supply of granite for the project.
    • Letter - A.H. Van Cleve to A.M. Grier, 9 February 1906

      Van Cleve, A.H. (2013-06-05)
      A letter from resident engineer A.H. Van Cleve to A.M. Grier concerning a ventilating apparatus requested for the Power House. Van Cleve discusses the agreement with the company William Grace that includes the ventilating apparatus. Van Cleve is now requesting the apparatus be ordered at the companies expense and installed as soon as possible.
    • Letter - A.M. Grier to Mr. Dunn, 15 December 1905

      Grier, A. Monro (2013-06-06)
      A letter from A. Monro Grier to Mr. Dunn, a farmer in the township of Bertie, discusses an agreement to sell land to Canadian Niagara Power for a sum of $600. A stamp across the side of the letter reads "Old Kent Pond".
    • Letter - C. Sellers to W. B. Rankine, 26 September 1902

      Sellers, Coleman (2013-05-31)
      A letter from chief engineer C. Sellers to W. B. Rankine discussing the bid of I. P. Morris Co. Sellers discusses conversation with Mr. Hand of I.P. Morris.
    • Letter - Colonel Albert D. Shaw to Francis Lynde Stetson, 31 March 1892

      Shaw, Colonel Albert D. (2013-05-30)
      A letter from Colonel Albert D. Shaw to Francis Lynde Stetson dated March 31, 1892. The letter is in regards to correspondence with the Attorney General in efforts to expedite the passing of an Act through Ontario Parliament. The act was introduced a week later (April 6, 1892) confirming the agreement between the Queen Vctoria Niagara Falls Park and the Canadian Niagara Power Company.
    • Letter - F. Nicholls to W.B. Rankine, 17 January 1902

      Nicholls, Frederic (2013-06-05)
      A letter from Second V.P. Frederic Nicholls of Canadian General Electric Co. to W.B. Rankine in regards to transformers. The Canadian Niagara Power Co. has agreed to an order of nine transformers (1250 Killowatt) to be installed in the Power House at Niagara Falls. The transformers will cost the Canadian Niagara Power Company forty three thousand two hundred dollars.
    • Letter - Frederic Nicholls (Canadian General Electric) to W.B. Rankine, 17 December 1897

      Nicholls, Frederic (2013-05-31)
      A letter from 2nd Vice President and General Manager of Canadian General Electric Company, Frederic Nicholls to W. B. Rankine regarding a bid for contract. The letter mentions that the bid for two alternating generators for the Canadian side of Niagara Falls was won by Westinghouse Eletric and Manufacturing Co. Nicholls also mentions that there will be other opportunites to win contracts as more machines are required. Nicholls also implies that Westinghouse may have bid under cost in an effort to secure the first of many contracts with the Canadian Niagara Power Company.
    • Letter - J. M. Bromley to A. M. Grier, 1 November 1906

      Bromley, J. M. (2013-06-06)
      A letter from J. M. Bromley regarding the commission of the seal for the Canadian Niagara Power Company.
    • Letter - James Wilson to Colonel Albert D. Shaw, 29 February 1892

      Wilson, James (2013-05-30)
      A letter from James Wilson, Park Superintendent to Albert D. Shaw in the year 1892. Wilson describes plans to produce hydroelectric power using Niagara Falls. He details advantages to the plan in this five page correspondence with Shaw.
    • Letter - Nikola Tesla to William B. Rankine, 19 April 1904

      Tesla, Nikola (2013-05-29)
      A letter from Nikola Tesla to William B. Rankine in the year 1904. Tesla discusses the worth of his patents/companies. Tesla also remarks on the power of several of his machines including "Tesla Coil", "Tesla Transformer", and "Tesla High-Potential Methods".
    • Letter - Robert L. Borden to A.M. Grier, 27 January 1915

      Borden, Robert L. (2013-05-30)
      A letter from the office of Prime Minister Robert L. Borden to A. Monro Grier (Corporate Secretary) in regards to a pass. The pass, sent to Borden in 1915, would give him access to the Power House at the Canadian Niagara Power Company.
    • Letter - Wilfrid Laurier to A. Munro Grier, 18 September 1901

      Laurier, Wilfrid (2013-05-30)
      A letter from Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier to A. Munro Grier regarding an invitation to His Royal Highness. This is possibly referencing the Royal visit of the Duke of Cornwall in the year 1901. The Royals were due to tour Canada September and October of that year, with a stop in the Niagara area October 13th.
    • Letter - William Lyon Mackenzie King (Deputy Minister of Labour) to The Niagara Power Company, 5 October 1903

      Mackenzie King, William Lyon (2013-05-29)
      A letter from William Lyon Mackenzie King to The Niagara Power Company in the year 1903. Mackenzie King is Deputy Minister of Labour for the Department of Labour Canada and in this letter he discusses issues with importing of men from the United States to Canada for employment. The letter warns of penalty if found guilty of unlawfully importing men for employment.
    • New Rate Schedules - 1927

      Canadian Niagara Power Company (2013-06-06)
      A notification from the Canadian Niagara Power Co. detailing a rate increase for domestic customers. Two schedules are listed, one for customers under 1,000 watts and the other for customers over 1,000 watts.