• Scrapbook, 1885-1901

      Wetherald, Agnes Ethelwyn (1885-1901)
      A scrapbook (1885-1901) belonging to Ethelwyn Wetherald. The contents include “The Canadian Bookman” October 1931, “The Challenge” March 1933, “The Canadian” April 1933, articles written by Wetherald on various subjects for “the Globe”, “Women’s world” etc.
    • Who's Who in Canadian Literature Ethelwyn Wetherald

      Macklem, John (1929-11)
      An article in The Canadian Bookman titled "Who's Who in Canadian Literature Ethelwyn Wetherald" by John Macklem. In the article, Mackem states "Among the poets whose work genuinely reflects Canadian life, particularly rural life in her native province, that of Ethelwyn Wetherald ranks high."