• Photograph - Jane Wetherald

      A photograph of Jane Wetherald, sister of Ethelwyn Wetherald.
    • Photograph - Jemima Wetherald

      A photograph of Jemima Wetherald, mother of Ethelwyn Wetherald.
    • Photograph - Mary Doane, William Wetherald Jr., Herbert Wetherald, Ethelwyn Wetherald and Dorothy

      circa 1914
      A photograph, mostly shadows, of Mary Doane (biological mother of Dorothy), William Wetherald, Herbert Wetherald, Ethelwyn Wetherald, and Dorothy.
    • Photograph - Rene Wetherald (son of Fred) and Dorothy

      A photograph of Rene Wetherald (son of Fred) and Dorothy (Ethelwyn's daughter).
    • Photograph - Robert Ball

      A portrait photograph of Robert Ball (indicated on reverse). The photograph was produced by Poole Photography St. Catharines.
    • Photograph - Rockwood Academy 1925 (Rear of Building)

      A photograph of the rear of Rockwood Academy (birthplace of Ethelwyn Wetherald). The building shows a pile of sticks/branches.
    • Photograph - Rockwood Academy 1970s

      Photographs of Rockwood Academy in the 1970s. The photographs shows the front of the building surrounded by a short stone wall with metal gate.
    • Photograph - Tall Evergreens home

      A photograph of "Tall Evergreens", the home of Ethelwyn Wetherald, circa 1920s. The reverse of the photograph reads "Miss Agnes Wetherald's home. Canadian Writer. 1920's Tall Evergreens, Fenwick, Ontario, Home of Ethelwyn Wetherald."
    • Photograph - Tall Evergreens home with surrounding trees

      A photograph of Tall Evergreens, the home of Ethelwyn Wetherald, and the surrounding land and evergreen trees. There is also a negative of this image in the collection.
    • Photograph - Unidentified Woman

      A photograph of an unidentified woman in profile position. The photographer is Topley of 104 Sparks St., Ottawa, Ontario.
    • Photograph - Unknown Male

      Elliott & Fry (n.d.)
      A photograph by Elliott & Fry of an unknown male. He is seated for the portrait and holding a book.
    • Photograph - W.M. Wetherald

      A negative of W. M. Wetherald which was made from an old photograph.
    • Photograph - Wetherald Family

      A photograph of the Wetherald family. The reverse of the photograph labels the individuals as follows: "Top: James and William Jr. Bottom: Rachel (died 1862) - Mother Jemima - Father William Holding Jane - Samuel - Ethelwyn Pic about 1861"
    • Photograph - William Bliss Carman and Miss M. B. Stevenson, September 1927

      Unknown (2013-05-24)
      A photograph of poet William Bliss Carman and M. B. Stevenson in New Canaan, Connecticut. The photograph from September 1927 was sent to fellow poet Ethelwyn Wetherald in 1932. It was included in a four page letter from Carman to Wetherald. Carman, also Canadian, spent most of his years in the United States, but in his letter he mentions that he "regrets" he cannot keep in closer touch with his fellow Canadian poets.
    • Photograph/Post Card - Cabin with Three Men

      A Photograph/Post Card of three men standing on the porch of a log cabin. One of the men is possibly Sam Wetherald (Ethelwyn's brother). The reverse of the card reads: "A Negro cabin of logs and shakes, 15 years old, not far from Brooksville on the road to the Punch Bowl. A couple of Boston boys with me on the porch, Taken in January 1913 S.J.W."
    • Photographs - Two Images of Ethelwyn Wetherald's Dress

      Two photographs of a dress owned by Ethelwyn Wetherald. The dress is photographed laying flat on the ground.
    • Poem "Red Cedar" written on red cedar wood

      Wetherald, E.W. (1895-04-05)
      A poem called "Red Cedar" written on a piece of real red cedar wood. In the bottom left corner is written "Mobile, Ala. April 5th 1895" and is initialed in the bottom right "E.W.".
    • Poem "The Failure"

      Wetherald, Ethelwyn (1901-08-17)
      A poem that has been clipped from a newspaper page. The poem is entitled "The Failure" and reads: "A Failure who had ne'er achieved Self-victory at last lay dead. 'Poor Failure!' Thus his neighbors grieved; His weakness was the worst of crimes; He failed at least a thousand times. Meanwhile the Failure gave to God His vain attempts. Remorsefully And prostrate on the skyey sod, "I failed a thousand times," said he. 'Welcome!' rang out the heavenly chimes. He strove - he strove a thousand times!"
    • Programme for Unveiling Ceremony of Rockwood Academy Historic Plaque

      A programme for the unveiling of the Rockwood Academy historic plaque. The cover is an illustration of the academy and inside is a brief history of the school with a programme of events. The plaque was erected by the Archaeological Historical and Site Board of Guelph, Ontario.
    • Rockwood Academy Illustration

      An illustration of Rockwood Academy, which was opened in 1850 by William Wetherald. There are two copies.