• Letter - Ethelwyn Wetherald to Mr. & Mrs. Page, 2 January 1930

      Wetherald, Ethelwyn (1930-01-02)
      A letter from Ethelwyn Wetherald to Mr. and Mrs. Page, 2 January 1930. The letter reads: "Dear Friends: I came very nearly calling you, Dear Arch-Schemers! For I remember so distinctly, Mr. Page, that day last summer when, after searching our bookshelves you asked if we had the poems of Dr. Drummond & I replied regretfully that we had not. I imagined you wished to verify some [illegible] from him, but now I believe you are a pair of very very generous plotters. For years I have been waiting - and intending - to get a copy of Drummond's poems: and now to have them complete from you gives this Christmas of 1929 a lasting and memorable charm. I am turning the pages with eager pleasure & thanking you both with the warmest sincerity. This holiday season has been particularly rich in Christmas cards. Nearly half a hundred to my address many from complete strangers asking where they can get my 'works'. I certainly must bring out something before this year departs. I hope Louis Blake Duff sent you as amusing a 'Christmas card' as he sent here. It is a humorous mock of his St. John farm, with very funny pictures of, & comments on, the various farm activities. With very grateful thanks for the beautiful volume you have sent me, and our best wishes to you all, including dear wee Ellen (I am in love with child) - Ever sincerely your friend Ethelwyn Wetherald"