• Article - Woman's World: "To Lace or Not to Lace"

      Thistlethwaite, Bel; Wetherald, Ethelwyn (1888-01-05)
      An article written in the Woman's World column by Ethelwyn Wetherald under the pseudonym Bel Thistlethwaite. The article focuses on the negative impact of corsets for women and Wetherald states: "If some men did not admire stove-pipe waists, stove-pipe waists would cease to exist. That is the undeniable fact. Now, let us consider the character of these men. Are they men of brains rather than of fashion or men of fashion rather than of brains? Do they cherish an exalted ideal of womanhood, or do they speak of the women they admire in the same terms of insulting admirations that they use in reference to their favorite trotting horses? ...The admiration of men is very sweet, but we don't need to kill ourselves in order to get it, because in truth it is not at all a difficult thing to get."