• Clippings by/about Ethelwyn Wetherald

      Wetherald, Ethelwyn; Garvin, John; Glory, Morning; M.O.H.; Fox, Annie Marion; Pomeroy, Elsie (1921)
      A series of clippings that are either about Ethelwyn Wetherald or authored by her in a variety of sources. They include: "April is her Birthday Month (Woman's Century 1921), "Tastes Differ" by Ethelwyn Wetherald, "Around the Fireside: Agnes Ethelwyn Wetherald" (February 11, 1922), "On Becoming Eighty" by Ethelwyn Wetherald (Saturday Night, June 26, 1937), "The Home Forum: A Tribute to the Late Ethelwyn Wetherald", "Our Canadian Writers - Ethelwyn Wetherald" by Morning Glory, "To February" by Ethelwyn Wetherald, "Ontario Life in Poetry" by Ethelwyn Wetherald, "My Legacy" by Ethelwyn Wetherald, "Three Years Old" by Ethelwyn Wetherald, "Dear Homemaker - Ethelwyn Wetherald", "The Home Forum: Congratulations to Ethelwyn Wetherald", "The Home Forum: Indoor Exercise", "A Sweet Voice Stilled", "In Memory of Ethelwyn Wetherald" by Annie Marion Fox, "Correspondence: A Rare Spirit" by Quinte Gal, "When Dimplefeet was Cupid" by Ethelwyn Wetherald, "Silent Meeting" by Ethelwyn Wetherald, "Among Ourselves" by Bel Thistlethwaite, "Nature Poet Was Born April 26, 1857" by Elsie Pomeroy.