• Two different drawings of Brock’s monument in Queenston Heights

      The first drawing is of the original Brock’s monument. There are two copies printed on photograph quality paper, as well as a negative. The other drawing is of the second Brock’s monument, dated 1856, which was constructed after the first monument was destroyed in 1840.
    • Finding Aid - Sir Isaac Brock Facial Reconstruction Project, n.d.

      A series of 8 sketches from the Sir Isaac Brock Facial Reconstruction Project - These include: Tracing of Gerrit Schipper miniature portrait The craniolateral view of average Caucasian male skull Craniolateral view of adjusted Caucasian skull to align with Schipper portrait Craniolateral view of average Caucasian male skull over Schipper portrait Craniolateral view of adjusted Caucasian skull over Schipper portrait Craniofrontal view of average Caucasian male skull Craniofrontal view unadjusted over craniofrontal and craniolateral adjusted views over Schipper portrait Craniofrontal view with adjustments to mandible. Proposed skull of Brock. A biographical page on Christian Cardell Corbet is also included.
    • Plymouth Gin Advertisement

      An advertisement for Plymouth Gin, it reads "Plymouth Gin. Double distilled, unsweetened; a delicious compromise between Holland and Old Tom. Unsurpassed for Cocktail, Phiz, Silver Phiz, or John Collins. Combines well with Soda and Lemon Peel. Adopted in the principal Clubs and Restaurants, with steadily increasing popularity. Recognized as invaluable medicinally. DuVivier & Co., Sole Agents. 22 Warren Street, New York. 7 Sibley Warehouses, Chicago." The image on the reverse is of a friar holding a glass surrounded by barrels and crates all labelled with company names.
    • James & Geroge Stodart Limited Announce Stodart's Canadian Agency

      An announcement "inaugurating direct sales and Canadian shipments from our home distilleries James & George Stodart Established 1835, 80 West Nile St., Glasgow, Scotland, beg to announce appointment of Stodart's Canadian Agency Limited". Included in the brochure are prices, brands, guarantees and order information.
    • Gooderham's Labels

      A collection of Gooderham's labels that include: Bonded Stock Canadian Whisky, London Dry Gin, Big Brown Jug Canadian Rye Whiskey, and Rich and Rare Canadian Whiskey. The labels indicate the distillery was established in 1832, Toronto, and is Canada's first.
    • Pamphlet: "Some Canadians are Wondering Just What Is Being 'Controlled'"

      Buffalo Citizens' Committee
      A pamphlet by the Buffalo Citizens' Committee of 10,000 for Law Enforcement that questions "what is being 'controlled" in Canada by Government Liquor Control. The pamphlet includes statistics which they report are from provincial liquor boards across Canada.
    • Photograph - Hamilton Killaly Woodruff

      Black and white photograph, 23 ½ cm x 18 cm, of Hamilton Killaly Woodruff. This is a head and shoulders photo in which Mr. Woodruff is wearing a suit jacket and a bow tie. The photographer’s name appears to be Beady. This is enclosed in a folder which has come apart at the folds. The front of the folder is embossed with a W.
    • Hiram Walker Labels

      Six labels from the Hiram Walker Company, established 1858. The labels are from Gold Crest Canadian Whiskey, Crystal London Dry Gin, Peppermint Schnapps Liqueur, Creme de Menthe, Crystal Vodka Distilled, and Canadian Club Canadian Whiskey.
    • Temperance Poster - Alcohol Education Week

      Ontario Temperance Federation
      A poster advertising "Alcohol Education Week...in Galt, Preston, Hespeler Schools, Churches, Service Clubs, Industry. A Community Study of Alcohol Problems". In the top right corner is a picture of an individual, W. Gray Rivers, Field Secretary of O.T.F. in Charge for the Ontario Temperance Federation.
    • Finding Aid - Dr. Frederick C. Drake Papers

      Materials related to military operations of the 1812-era, research of the late Dr. Frederick C. Drake, of the History Department at Brock University. Original folder titles, pertaining to an institutions call numbers, were retained and appear in parenthesis after the given folder title. The folders were placed into the Series and/or Sub-series which coincided with its original title. Folder titles contain the title of the material as well as the institution from which it derived in order for proper accreditation to be given, before materials are used and/or cited in a publication. Folders titled ―Individual or Family Papers‖ contain numerous different collections of letters from the Institution marked on the folder. When the bulk of the materials belong to one collection it is noted in the finding aid. All publications which the University did not hold were placed in series IV. If the University had access to the publications they were removed from the collection and noted in the separated materials category with their call numbers. The second manuscript The War for the Inland Seas: The Naval War of 1812 on the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River was incomplete when Dr. Drake passed away. His widow, Valerie Drake cleaned up the manuscript before donating it to Brock. The current manuscript reflects both Dr. and Mrs. Drake’s work.
    • Finding Aid - Robert George Malcomson Papers, 1790s-2009 (non-inclusive)

      Materials related to military and naval operations of the 1812 era, research of the late Robert Malcomson, Canadian author and historian. Materials include photocopies of materials relating to the War of 1812, photographs and detailed research notes Malcomson made regarding his approach to research (mainly found in Series VIII). Materials were originally arranged in binders relating to an area of research or a certain publication. Articles were removed from the binders and placed in folders using original titles from the binders as series or sub-series titles. Articles within the binders were separated by tabs indicating what the article related to in the publication or topic of interest. In order to avoid repetition, the writing on the tab was used for folder titles, as each folder would be a part of the Series under which it was grouped. The tab names could be authors, events, accounts etc. of the War. Series and sub-series titles were derived from the original titles on the binders. Original intellectual order was retained, grouping similar subjects into Series and Sub-series. Dates recorded were the publication dates of the articles; however, if no publication date was present the date of retrieval was used if from an academic database (ex. JSTOR). The black and white photos from various repositories are reproductions of paintings, microfilm etc. on photographic paper. The colour photographs from various repositories are actual photographs. All books donated by Malcomson were integrated into the University’s Special Collections book collection. These volumes are noted at the end of the finding aid under separated materials.
    • Letter to Frank Hull, 28 April

      A letter with an accompanying photograph. The letter is simply dated Saturday April 28, year unknown, and is signed "Jim". The letter indicates that the following individuals are included in the photograph: Stuart Bruce, Chuck Laing, "Bill" (Hull?), Frank (Hull), Gladys Drope Hull, and "Jim". The other individuals are not mentioned in name.
    • Letter to Jimmie from Mrs. A. McConnell, Shuswap, B.C. , 29 July

      McConnell, Mrs. A. (07-29)
      **Please note: This letter contains language that reflect the time period when it was created and the view of its creator. This can include offensive and negative language, references, and stereotypes that are no longer used or appropriate today. The item(s) retain their original content to ensure that attitudes and viewpoints are not erased from the historical record. The Archives & Special Collections are actively working on including more respectful and representative language in our own descriptions now and into the future.** --------------------------------------------------Letter to Jimmie from Mrs. A. McConnell, Shuswap, B.C. She was sorry to hear that his barn burned down, and hopes he did not lose any horses or cows. She mentions incidents of an "Indian" shooting his wife, and an "Indian" being hanged for shooting a white man. It is noted that they are a very quiet lot who live across the river and never do any harm to anybody. She mentions their place in the mountains. She will send pictures of her husband and a friend, Mr. Phillips, and her sister and herself, July 29.
    • Letter with the salutation “Dear Sir” and signed by Louis Cabot

      Cabot, Louis (?-03-23)
      Letter with the salutation “Dear Sir” and signed by Louis Cabot. He claims that he has written to George Richards to send a draft for $1,000.00 (2 pages, handwritten), March 23, n.d.
    • Letter from Alex Pettigrew to unknown

      Pettigrew, Alex (?-03-31)
      Letter from Alex Pettigrew asking someone [no indication of who the note is addressed to] to make the deeds out in his wife’s name which is Annie Florence Pettigrew, March 31, n.d.
    • Dinner Invitation to the Honble. L. McCallum from the Governor General

      Governor General (?-04-22)
      An invitation to McCallum reads "The Aide-de Camp in waiting is commanded by His Excellency The Governor General to invite The Honble. L. McCallum to Dinner on Friday, April 22nd at 7:30 o'clock. An answer is requested to the A.D.C. in waiting".
    • Letter - Samuel DeVeaux Woodruff to "Maggie Muffin Hound"

      Woodruff, Samuel DeVeaux (?-07-03)
      Letter, from Whitley Camp, Surrey. The letter is dated July 3, with no year. The salutation is "Dear Maggie Muffin Hound". Samuel writes about getting a letter from Barrie and he talks about old friends and family. He mentions that he has seen "Dad Palling" [father of his fiance]. It is signed "Your loving cousin, Sam D. Woodruff".
    • Letter addressed to S.D. Woodruff from Jarvis, Conklin and Co,

      Jarvis, Conklin and Co. (?-10-24)
      Letter addressed to S.D. Woodruff informing him that the company was going to foreclose on Mr. Shelby but then realized that Mr. Woodruff had collected the interest, but not informed the company. It is signed by Jarvis, Conklin and Co. Oct. 24, n.d.
    • Letter addressed to S.D. Woodruff from Jarvis, Conklin and Co,

      Jarvis, Conklin and Co. (?-10-31)
      Letter (1 page, typed) addressed to S.D. Woodruff apologizing for their carelessness in not realizing that Mr. Woodruff had indeed notified the company about receiving money from Mr. Shelby. The letter is signed Jarvis, Conklin and Co., Oct. 31, n.d.
    • Letter - Samuel DeVeaux Woodruff to "Marg"

      Woodruff, S.D. (?-11-05)
      Letter dated Nov. 5th, no year. The salutation is "Dear Marg". In this letter, Samuel talks about the fact that everyone is fed up and they want to go somewhere, preferably France, but he thinks that they will stay where they are all winter. He says that he is "absolutely fed up with the army". The letter is signed "Loving Cuz, Sam".