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  • Margaret Woodruff Band’s Gold Wedding Ring and Locket 

    Unknown author (1919-11-25)
    Margaret Woodruff Band’s gold wedding ring engraved with M.J. W. P.C.B. Nov. 25/19. This is inside a sterling silver locket which is engraved with M.J.W. Inside the locket there is also a lock of hair, 1919.
  • Receipt to John Thompson from Lieutenant Nelles 

    Lieutenant Nelles (1788-06-05)
    Receipt to John Thompson from Lieutenant Nelles for a gold ring and white ribbon, June 5, 1788.
  • Sir Isaac Brock Cufflinks 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    Cufflinks in the image of Sir Isaac Brock.
  • Small jewelry case 

    Unknown author (1825)
    Small jewelry case with the name A.H. Baldwin, numismatist, Duncannon St., Charing Cross, London, W.C. Within the box is a silver medallion which is 4 cm. in diameter. The medal is engraved “William Dummer Powell and ...