• Letter from Andrew May to Erecta Morey, 31 March 1852

      May, Andrew (1852-03-31)
      A letter from Andrew May to Erecta Morey with a note at the top that reads "Steamer Caspian". The letter discusses a difficult few days, which included, get to the Steamer and, becoming ill with the cold, getting aboard the Caspian by crawling over ice.
    • Marriage Certificate - Hamilton K. Woodruff and Julia C. Cleveland

      The marriage certificate of Mr. Hamilton K. Woodruff of St. Catharines and Miss Julia C. Cleveland of Erie, Pennsylvania. This is certificate no. 5221 signed by James C. Wilson. This is accompanied by 2 envelopes; one envelope is from Henry L. Rea, clerk of courts, Erie Pennsylvania to Mr. H. K. Woodruff, the other envelope just says "marriage certificate Mrs. H. K. Woodruff", Nov. 21, 1894.
    • Photograph - Julia Cleveland Woodruff at Dr. Cleveland's Home

      Black and white photograph, mounted on board, 18 cm x 12 cm, of Julia Cleveland wife of Hamilton K. Woodruff. She is posing with a setter and the Chihuahua at Dr. Cleveland’s house in Erie Pennsylvania. This photograph is mounted on a board. This was described by R. Band of Toronto on the back of the photo in 1975.