• Designing Meat Packing Plant Handling Facilities for Cattle and Hogs

      Grandin, Temple (1979)
      The focus is on design, more specifically, "animal handling facilities which are labor saving and reduce bruise losses". The article studies: Unloading Chutes, Stockyard Design, Hog Plant Stockyard, General Purpose Small Stockyard, Beef Stockyard, Cattle Crowding Pens, Hog Crowding Pens, Slopes in Chutes and Crowding Pens, Single File Chutes General Recommendations, Single File Chutes for Cattle, Slaughter Restrainers,
    • Dipping is Easy...With Right Vat Design

      Grandin, Temple (1978)
      The article discusses dipping vats and three basic types of dipping systems: Jump in Vat, Hydraulic Cage Vat, and the Box Sprayer.
    • The Feasibility of Using Vocalization Scoring as an Indicator of Poor Welfare During Cattle Slaughter

      Grandin, Temple (1998)
      The article discusses the vocalization of cattle in six slaughter plants and the results indicate that "vocalization scoring could be used as a simple method for detecting welfare problems that need to be corrected".
    • Livestock Behavior as Related to Handling Facilities Design

      Grandin, Temple (1980)
      This article is from the International Journal for the Study of Animal Problems, Vol. 1, No. 1, 1980. The article focuses on the "behavior of different species of livestock as well as different breeds" to aid with the design of handling facilities.
    • Livestock Handling Guide

      Grandin, Temple (Livestock Conservation Institute, 1988)
      The contents of the pamphlet include: Handling Stress, Understanding Animal Psychology, Handling Facility Design Tips, Bruise Losses By Species, Preventing Bruises, Loading Chute Recommendations.
    • Selected Articles from Beef Cattle Science Handbook Volume 19

      Grandin, Temple; Baker, Frank H. (ed.) (A Winrock International Project Published by Westview Press, 1983)
      The articles within the handbook are: "Livestock Psychology and Handling-Facility Design", "Design of Corrals, Squeeze Chutes, and Dip Vats", "Handling Feedlot Cattle", and "Reducing Transportation Stresses".