• Letter to Helen and Art Lees from "Bill" William Coolin 2 February 1940

      Coolin, William (1940-02-02)
      In the letter, William Coolin mentions that he is safe in England after "a sub tried to attack our convoy, with the result that another German sub lies at the bottom of the ocean." He mentions that he has been at the American club several nights and that he has "a nice two room furnished apartment in the Mount Royal Hotel" with his "chum Capt. Dunn".
    • Letter to William Dickson from John Strachan

      Strachan, John (1839-03-13)
      Letter to William Dickson from John Strachan. This letter is marked “private”. Mr. Strachan requests that Mr. Dickson come to England to help them “re-invent” the clergy reserves in the Queen and Parliament. The plan is to give 1/3 to the Church of England, 1/3 to the Church of Scotland and 1/3 to the Methodists (1 ¼ pages, handwritten), March 13, 1839.